Well we’ve finally done it. Maxwell James Wiggins was born on 1st June 2016 at 9.59am weighing 7lbs.

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After a long and emotional 5 years of waiting for this little miracle we should have known his entrance into the world wouldn’t be plain sailing!

I had been booked in for a C-section at 14 weeks due to having large and low lying fibroids. I also had the condition Placenta Previa, which meant the placenta was covering my cervix, therefore not allowing a natural delivery. This baby was coming out of the sun roof!

Due to the Placenta Previa I had been admitted to hospital on 3 separate occasions after suffering from heavy bleeding. After our history you can imagine how terrifying this was for us. We were told at 24 weeks that it was very unlikely I would carry the pregnancy to term so I was given steroid injections to help boost Max’s lungs and told to prepare for an early delivery.

I had weekly monitoring and to everyone’s surprise the weeks went by and I was nearly full term. I was given my C-section date of 1st June and we were eagerly counting down the days.

But mother nature had other ideas.

We went to bed as usual on 30th May discussing how we would spend the following day, our last day just the 2 of us. A spot of housework, a cheeky Nandos and trying to sneak in a few naps before we were thrust into the world of sleepless nights. I woke up at 3am needing to go for a wee and as I sat up felt a huge gush – my waters had just broken! Cue panic from us both, Adam grabbing every towel in the house and me running to the toilet trying not to ruin the new carpet we had had fitted only the week before. We made our way to the hospital where I was examined and told I was 2cm dilated. It was here we also discovered that my fibroids and the placenta had moved clear of my cervix, now allowing a natural delivery. I hadn’t gone to any ante-natal classes and felt massively unprepared for this but decided to give it a go.

As I was waiting to be moved to the labour ward I called my Mum who was my second birthing partner and told her to come down to the hospital, naively believing that a few hours later it would all be over.

I was hooked up to a drip to encourage my contractions and given an epidural as I was told the drip would make my pains more intense. Then the fun began. Every time the drip was turned up Max’s heart-rate would drop. Every time the drip was turned down my contractions would stop, it was a vicious circle. After 16 hours of labour I was still only 5cm dilated and my epidural was failing as it hadn’t numbed my left side. So out came the gas and air which gave me some much needed relief (and a serious case of the giggles). We knew we were in for a long night so at 11pm we all tried to get some shut eye. Adam and my Mum were sat on rock hard chairs covered in blankets whilst I was in bed covered in gloves filled with ice water as I was so hot.


30 hours later I was finally fully dilated and started pushing. 10 minutes later and after only a few pushes in everything started to go drastically wrong. Max’s heart rate had dropped to a dangerous level and before I knew it Adam was being put in scrubs and I was being rushed to theatre. I was told if I couldn’t push him out within a few minutes that I would need a C-section. There was no way had I just gone through 30 hours of labour for nothing! So with all my remaining strength I pushed and 5 minutes later, with the help of forceps, our little man entered the world!
This is the point you hear their first little cry but Max came out limp and silent – he wasn’t breathing! Doctors all rushed in and spent the next 10 minutes trying to get our little man to breathe. This was the longest 10 minutes of our lives but we finally heard his little cry! Turns out he had the cord round his neck twice.

He was taken to neo-natal to be monitored for an hour and I was taken to recovery. We were then re-united and I got to have my first cuddle.


We spent 3 nights in hospital as we both needed anti-biotics due to us picking up an infection and I also had to have a transfusion as I had lost a lot of blood during delivery. But on 4th June we were finally discharged and on our way home.

A huge thanks to both Adam and my Mum, I couldn’t have done it without them!

Welcome to the world Max! Mummy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know.

Let the fun begin!