Reflux is every parents worst nightmare and Max had it from day 1.

Max was having terrible problems when it came to feeding time. He would be sick at least 3 times during every feed – and I’m talking spectacular across the room projectile vomiting. The poor boy had to have a bib round his neck 24/7 and Mummy was having to wash more clothes than you could imagine. He was in terrible pain with all the trapped wind that reflux brings – it was heart-breaking hearing him scream and be so unsettled.

We visited the GP where we were prescribed infant Gaviscon to add to his formula and we left feeling hopeful that this would be the answer to all our problems. It turns out that all it did was thicken the formula slightly, in turn thickening his sick.

Back to the GP we went. After 4 weeks of sleepless nights we were at our wits end. This time Max was prescribed Ranitidine, an oral solution to be given 3 times a day. I had also done my own research and had switched his formula to Aptamil reflux milk and switched his bottles to Dr Browns They have a special vent system that allows air to flow freely through the bottles instead of being trapped and therefore ingested by your baby.


We saw instant results. No more vomiting, no more screaming and arching of the back where he was in pain. He was taking his feeds like a dream and burping little and often. It was like we had a different baby.

I will never really know if it was the medication, the new formula or the new bottles – or a combination of all 3. But we have found the perfect combination for us and we now have a much more settled Max to show for it.