You may not know this but today is Gorgeous Grandma Day.

Max is very lucky to have lots of Grandma’s (Or Nannies as we call them in our house).

Max’s Great Nanny Rene in particular is a very special lady. She’s a Nan to 5 and a Great Nan to 6.

nan 1

Nanny Rene is 88 and is still going strong. She loves bingo and gets on the bus once a week to spend the day at the bingo hall with her friends. She also takes huge pride in her appearance and gets her perm topped up every 2 weeks at the hair dressers. She’s just joined the local gym and goes twice a week to their OAP sessions. She puts me to shame!

She was a fantastic Nan to me when I was growing up. I have nothing but fond memories of sleepovers at ‘Nanny Cereals’ (as we affectionately called her as she always had cupboards full of cereal), and spent many a weekend with her at her bungalow in Clacton, visiting the local arcades and playing on the beach.

Part of the reason Max is here today is all down to Nanny Rene. The IVF process is extremely expensive and it would have taken us upwards of a year to save up for the treatment. When you’re so desperate to start a family a year seems like a lifetime. Nanny Rene didn’t hesitate in offering to loan us the money for our treatment. She knew how much it meant to us and was more than happy to help us achieve our dream. We’ll never truly be able to repay her for her kindness but I know Max is bringing her as much joy as he is to us.


Nanny Rene adores Max. Her eyes light up when she sees him and she’s never happier than when she’s having cuddles with him. Not a day goes by where she doesn’t call to check on how he’s doing and you can hear the love in her voice when she talks about him. I can’t wait for Max to grow up and make memories with her that will last a lifetime!

Happy Gorgeous Grandma Day Nanny Rene. Max loves you more than you will ever know!