So we’re One week into our first holiday as a family of Three.

We booked to come to Orlando around the same time I found out I was pregnant. I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive going away with a new baby but we’ve always maintained we want Max to fit into our existing lifestyle – holidays included. We’ve also come away with most of my family so there’s plenty of people to help out.

I was worried about how he’d be on the 9 hour flight but he was an absolute star. He slept for around 7 hours, only waking to be fed and changed. People on the plane were commenting on how well behaved he was and he got lots of attention from the crew who were all cooing over him.

We arrived at our villa after 17 hours of travelling (don’t you just love a flight delay!) feeling extremely tried. Our heads all hit the pillow as soon as we got here but due to Max not understanding the time difference we didn’t get much sleep that night.

So far we’ve been to 2 theme parks, the first was Universal Studios. Unfortunately we had a pretty hellish day. Max was so unsettled and screamed blue murder most of the day. It was his first real taste of the heat and humidity that Florida has to offer and it was obviously a shock to him. I spent all day sat off the rides trying to calm him down, to no avail. It was a long, hot, tiring (and expensive) day that I won’t be in a hurry to repeat.


The next park was Typhoon Lagoon water park which was a lot more successful. I’m not a fan of water rides but Adam loves them so I spent the day in the baby pool with Max whilst Daddy and the rest of my family went off and enjoyed themselves. Max was much more chilled and loved having a dip in the pool. It’s only his second time in the water and he seems to love it so far, plus it helped keep him cool all day. I think we have a future water baby on our hands.

adam pool (2)


We’ve spent the rest of the holiday having days by the pool, shopping in the malls and eating our own body weight in food. Max has been very spoilt by his Nanny and Granddad and now has a wardrobe full of Ralph Lauren clothes.


Our top buy this holiday so far has to be this amazing Fisher Price Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper. Max didn’t like the travel cot that was provided at the villa, he’s not used to feeling so open as he’s normally snug in his little moses basket so we picked this up at Walmart on our second day. This rocker can be used as a playtime seat  or night time sleeper. It also has a motorised rocking motion and plays soothing sounds and music. Max absolutely loves it and even slept for 7 hours last night for the first time ever. We’ll definitely be bringing that home with us, even if it means having to leave half our clothes behind.


Now, let’s see what week Two has to offer……….