So we’re back from our first family holiday *sobs*

Week Two was packed with days out and a few more lazy days by the pool.

We decided to give the big theme parks a miss this week as Max didn’t enjoy being out in the heat all day. We did however make a trip out to Gatorland which was brilliant. It’s a smaller, family owned attraction and mostly in the shade so we spent a great morning here. We watched a few Gator shows, held a 5ft Python (as you do) and Max even got his photo taken in an Alligator’s mouth (a fake one obviously, we’re not ready to feed him to the Gator’s just yet).

FullSizeRender (4)

We took a trip to Disney Springs late one afternoon and spent a few hours shopping there before having dinner at The Rainforest Cafe. This has been one of my favourite restaurants for many years and I love their MoJo Bones (ribs) so I was looking forward to this meal. Unfortunately though it was a huge let down as all our food came out cold, not even luke warm, actually cold. After complaining to the manager and handing our food back we left still hungry and very disappointed. Safe to say we won’t be returning there again. The rest of the evening was great though. We bought Max his first Mickey Mouse cuddly toy and Adam took Max on a little steam train ride, one that I went on when I was younger. It’s great that Max is now following in my footsteps and doing all the things I used to do when I was younger.


We also spent the evening at Medieval Times. This is a dinner and knight jousting show and is great if you want to try something different one evening. Max didn’t know what to make of it as it was very loud with lots of booing and cheering and cannons going off so he was a bit unsettled, but the rest of us had a great evening and my 5 year old Niece has now decided she wants to be a knight when she grows up.


Since Max was born we haven’t managed to get many family photos as we’ve been too busy taking pictures of him. This holiday was a perfect opportunity to get lots of photos of the 3 of us though and I now have a huge collection to make a nice photo album up.


The journey home was a bit bumpy. I’ve developed a fear of flying over the years, not sure when it started as I used to love getting on a plane when I was younger. We flew with Thomas Cook and I must say I won’t be in a hurry to fly with them again. The plane was filthy when we got on it with rubbish and bits of food still on the seats. The in flight entertainment system was broken and a lot of people had to spend the 9 hour flight looking at a blank TV screen and I wouldn’t have served the hot meal we got to my dog. There was just a real lack of effort on their part and the air stewardesses all had a bad attitude to match. The whole journey was pretty bumpy which kept me on edge the whole flight which meant I didn’t sleep a wink. Max was oblivious though and luckily for us spent around 7 hours of the flight asleep, just like he had done on the way there. Good boy!



I’m used to lazy holidays, sipping cocktails, head in a book and sunbathing until the sun goes down. Going away with a newborn is a completely different experience, not much ‘me’ time to be had in between feeds and nappy changes. But our first family holiday was amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Now it’s back to reality with an endless pile of washing and ironing to work my way through.