Visiting Buckingham Palace has always been on my bucket list and this week I finally got to tick it off when we took Max there for a visit.

There’s so many amazing sights to see in London and I’ve barely been to any of them which I think is such a shame. So I don’t want Max to miss out. I know he won’t remember his visit as he’s so little still but we’ll be able to show him the pictures when he’s older.

It was Max’s first trip to London, therefore his first time on the London Underground. I must admit it was rather stressful as not all the stations have lift access so we had to carry him in his buggy up and down a crazy amount of stairs, but we got there in the end, all be it a little out of breath.

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The tour is only on during the Summer months so we had to book in advance. As well as wandering round 19 state rooms we also got to view an amazing exhibition of some of the iconic outfits that the Queen has worn over the years. I was amazed at how small she must actually be to fit into them. We even got to see her wedding dress which was beautiful. It was a self guided tour, which I liked as you could wander through at your own pace, and you’re given a headset to use too so you can listen to audio recordings relating to each individual room. It was obviously all a bit too exciting for Max though as he fell asleep half way round.

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The most interesting thing I learned that day is that there is a secret door in the palace, disguised as a floor length mirror, that the queen uses to get from her private rooms into the state rooms to meet her guests. You’d never spot it if it wasn’t pointed out to you.

The tour lasted approximately 2 hours and ended up in the palace gardens where you can have a wander round, look in the gift shop and have tea and cakes in the Palace cafe.

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We had a great day out as a little family and Max even got to take a selfie with the Queen.

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I’m looking forward to showing Max more sights that London has to offer but I think I’ll need a few weeks to recover from this day out first.