I recently worked with Tommee Tippee in conjunction with their Ultra Games campaign – a fun way for babies to take part in various ‘Olympic’ style events such as crawling and smiling.

Max spent weeks putting in hours of practice for the games and all his hard work paid off when he won a medal in the napping event. Who knows, maybe we’ll see him competing in the 2028 Olympics.


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We were also given the opportunity to review Tommee Tippee’s new ‘Ultra’ bottle. Max has used various brands of bottles since he was born so it was great to give a new one a go, and this bottle is completely different to any others we’ve tried.

tommy tippee bottle

Firstly the shape of the teat is different. It still has the wide head that is associated with Tommee Tippee bottles but instead of the teat being in the centre of the bottle it is off centre towards the bottom, allowing for a better flow and a better latch. A pet hate of mine with other bottles is wasting the last few ml’s of milk at the bottom as you can’t get the right angle but you don’t have to worry about that with this design and you can drain every last inch of milk out. The teat is also angled to help your baby to latch on and stay on.

tommee tippee bottle

There is a contour zone around the teat which helps create a secure seal which reduces air intake and prevents messy milk dribbling. The bottle itself is contoured to be ergonomically held and I found it to be a nice comfortable feeding experience.



Overall this was a great bottle with some really good features. Ultimately I think I’ll stick to the bottles I’m already using as Max is still suffering with reflux and I don’t want to disturb the feeding routine that we’ve established for him, but if we have another baby in the future I would definitely give these bottles a go.

The Ultra is available in 150ml and 260ml sizes and come with slow flow teats but you can buy medium and fast flow teats as baby grows.

I was sent this bottle to review. All opinions are my own