So it’s all gone a bit crazy here this week and little Max has attracted a fair bit of attention.

It all started when our local newspaper, The Essex Chronicle, heard about our miscarriage and IVF journey and asked if they could run a story about it. I was happy to oblige as I thought it would be a good way to give hope to anyone reading it who may be going through something similar to what we did. We did an interview and it was printed in last weeks addition. The next day things started to go mad.


Our local radio station, BBC Essex, called to say they’d read our story and wanted to do an interview with us that afternoon. As it was so short notice we didn’t have anyone to look after Max so off we went to the radio station with him in tow. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever done live radio before but it’s very nerve wracking. We were greeted by the receptionist, shown straight into the studio, introduced to the host, given some headphones and a microphone and with a click of a button we were live on air. It actually went really well though and neither me or Adam got tongue tied which was lucky. The interview lasted for around 30 minutes and we left the studio giggling about the last 24 hours of local fame and headed home.


I sat down to check my emails and was greeted by an inbox full of publishers saying that they’d seen my story in the local paper and wanted to send it out to the national papers. I was knocked for six and spent the rest of the afternoon speaking to them all. I eventually settled with a journalist called Mollie who I felt I could trust to tell our story compassionately. I was once again interviewed, this time in more depth, and a photographer was sent round to take some professional shots of us as a family.

Jo Wiggins and husband Adam Wiggins from Braintree, Essex suffered six miscarriages before having baby Max on their seventh attempt. They spent £25k and even gave up their home for a year to fund IVF. Jason Mitchell Photography 07794 378575

The following morning I was awoken to the news that our story had been featured in The Mail online, The Sun online, The Express online and The Daily Mirror online – WOW! The next day we also appeared in the printed versions of The Daily Mail and The Sun. I couldn’t believe it, our story was out there for the nation to see. Unfortunately we got trolled a little bit, with people calling me selfish for trying to achieve my goal of becoming a Mum, and that miscarriage and infertility aren’t an illness so I should stop complaining about it. I’ve developed a fairly thick skin over the years but I was baffled as to how someone could perceive me as selfish – me and my husband desperately wanted to start a family and we would have done anything to bring a child into the world, how is that selfish? Anyway, I shrugged it off and concentrated on all the positive comments instead.


Off the back of the coverage in the national papers we were then contacted by BBC Radio 5 Live to tell our story on national radio. So off to their studio we went to tell our story one more time.

Our story is also soon to appear in 2 women’s magazine in their real life sections, I cant share the details of this just yet but watch this space! Oh, and I forgot to mention – if you’re fluent in Vietnamese then you can also find our story here, it seems Max has gone global!

Whilst our 5 minutes of fame has been fun, and certainly something we’ll never forget, the whole aim of us sharing our story to the nation was to give hope to other women who may be going through a similar experience to us. And it seems to have done the job. I’ve received an overwhelming number of emails from women saying our story has inspired them to never give up. So many women suffer in silence, or don’t know where to turn for help, so the fact that I’ve given all these women a boost means the absolute world to me. I’ve spent the last few evenings replying to each and every one of their emails, often crying reading their stories, but I’ve gone to bed each night feeling pleased that I’ve achieved what I ultimately set out to do.

I must admit that it has been hard to relieve the last 5 years, and it’s bought back all of the emotions and heartache that I thought I’d buried. But it’s also reiterated how lucky we are to have finally found our happy ending. I genuinely hope that anyone else going through something similar finds their happy ending too.

Now, back to reality…….