Today Max turned 4 months old. I can’t believe how quick time is going. It seems like only yesterday that we were strapping him into his car seat and bringing him home from hospital.

He’s learning so many new skills as the days go by, and growing so quickly that I thought it would be good to document each thing month by month so we can look back. Life can be so busy that you often forget to drink in those little moments and cherish every one of them.


So here’s Max’s 4 month update:

  • Sleep regression. Max used to sleep 7pm-7am but for the last week has decided to wake up 3 or 4 times in the night, it’s like having a newborn again. We’re hoping this passes VERY quickly
  • Max has learnt to suck his thumb. I must admit I didn’t want a thumb sucker as a baby but he does look super cute when he’s doing it
  • Max has started teething. He’s been very grouchy recently and after taking him to see an osteopath she’s confirmed that his teeth are on the move. His gums are red and you can see little white patches where the teeth are trying to poke through
  • Daytime napping is a thing of the past. We’re lucky if he has a 20 minute cat nap all day. Unfortunately this means we’re not getting much done at home as we’re having to deal with an over tired baby
  • Max now follows everything with his eyes and if he hears your voice his little head moves around to find you
  • Not quite able to roll onto his tummy yet, Max has now learnt how to roll onto his side
  • And lastly – but definitely my favourite thing Max has learnt this month is how to laugh. It’s the cutest sound I’ve ever heard and actually melts my heart

We can’t wait to see what the next month has in store – we’re hoping it will involve a lot more sleeping though!