In this series I interview some of my favourite bloggers and delve a bit deeper into their blogging life. This week I’m pleased to introduce Natalie from The Diary of an Unexpectant Mother, a stay at home Mum who is currently planning her wedding. Over to you Natalie…..


What made you make the jump into the blogging world?

It was purely by accident, I had written on a private blog as a teen when I was going through some ‘stuff’, then when I found out I was pregnant I didn’t know how I felt so I started writing again. When I didn’t go back to work I started to delve in to the blogging community and felt completely at home. So then I started to take it a little more seriously. I wanted other people to know that it’s ok to be confused about how you feel when you find out you’re pregnant. I wasn’t excited but I wasn’t horrified and didn’t want to terminate.

What was the inspiration behind your blog name?

Oliver was a surprise, everything I read online was talking about ‘expectant mothers’. I felt like I wasn’t an ‘expectant mother’, and more of an ‘unexpectant mother’. So many things I read were about how exciting it was to be pregnant, and how you should start taking folic acid 3 months before trying to conceive. So I started ‘The Diary of an Unexpectant Mother’ to combat that.

Is blogging your main career or just a hobby?

It’s really just a hobby that I occasionally earn pocket money from. I’d love it to be my job.


What topics do you blog about?

All things parent, our day to day lives and everything that effects it. I’m due to get married in March and we have recently got our first house so I talk about all of that too.

If you didn’t have your blog what would be your dream job?

I used to work in hotels and I loved it! People think I’m crazy for loving it, but I really did. The crazy hours, the crazy people, the never knowing what’s going to happen. But also the amazing experiences and the utterly incredible people you meet. I love helping people and hospitality was my way to help. I loved knowing that I may have made someone’s stay that little bit more special.

If you aren’t blogging what could we find you doing?

Yoga and baking – but not at the same time. And cooking too, I love finding new recipes for our family dinners.


What’s been your biggest blog success story?

I’m not sure I have any huge ‘success stories’, but I do love that I’ve learned enough for my fiance to be really confused by conversations. Hotels are something everyone can relate to – and we met studying Hospitality at uni – but it gives me a sense of ‘success’ when I can have a conversation that draws him blank. Haha!! In relation to individual posts, I’ve written a bit about mental health. If it touches and educates at least one person then I consider that a success.

What would be your advice to anyone looking to start their own blog?

Write what you enjoy. If you’re going to write about it you need to be passionate about it. You don’t have to know everything, but definitely check the spelling and grammar. Be a part of the blogging community – those people not only have your back but they know SO much and can help you. I’ve made amazing friends from within the blog community.

Lastly, can you tell us something that people may not know about you?

I was nearly kicked out of sixth form!! Eeep. I’m such a good girl you’d never know now!!

If you’d like to get to know Natalie a bit better then pop over and have a read of her blog. You can also find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


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