So another month has passed and my not so little boy is 5 months old today. Everyday he’s learning new skills and it’s amazing to watch him develop. We couldn’t be more proud of what a gorgeous little boy he’s becoming.

Here’s everything my little Maxy Moo has got up to this month:

  • Right at the start of this month Max rolled over for the first time. He’d been showing no signs of doing it at all, in fact he hated being on his stomach. But he literally went from being on his back to rolling over onto his tummy in one swift move. I was lucky enough to catch it on video so I’ll always have that special moment captured forever. It seemed just the once was enough for Max though as he hasn’t rolled since!
  • Swimming lessons started this month and Max loves them. He just goes for 30 minutes once a week but I’m so pleased it seems we have a water baby on our hands

  • Max giggled for the first time around 6 weeks ago but just recently he’s started to give us the biggest belly laughs ever – it’s a sound that melts my heart
  • Max’s fine motor skills have really developed this month and he now reaches out to grab things to hold, rather than wait for us to place them in his hands
  • Max has developed a slight obsession with his hands (particularly his right one for some reason) and stares at them for hours on end, not quite believing that they are part of him
  • Max has gone back to sleeping 7pm – 6am which is great. He had a blip last month where he went back to waking a few times a night which was hard as it felt like we had a newborn again. I’m pleased to say normal service has resumed (apart from the night the clocks went back an hour, but we won’t mention that)
  • However daytime naps are still proving tricky and we have a real battle on our hands even getting him to sleep for 30 minutes during the day. Seem’s he’s far too curious to nap as he doesn’t want to miss out on a single minute of fun. This does unfortunately result in him becoming a tad ratty as the day goes on so we’re really trying to get him into a daytime routine (for all our sakes)
  • Max now weighs 17lbs 4oz (7.8kg) and is on the 50th centile – our totally average (but still very special) baby

We can’t wait to see what the next month has in store for our little boy xx