Today marks a year since we saw Max wriggling around on the screen at our 12 week scan. A moment that we never believed would happen. Our miracle baby. Our 5 year journey was almost over and we were finally going to get our happy ever after.

We had to sacrifice a lot to get there along the way. People may not know this but in order for us to afford IVF we moved out of the house we owned and into my parents house. We became landlords and rented it out for a year to enable us to save the £10,000 that private IVF treatment cost.

Before we stepped onto the property ladder we had actually been tenants twice before, once renting a 2 bed Victorian terrace and the other renting a converted chapel, complete with our very own stained glass window in our bedroom. Our experience renting the Victorian house was very positive, with no unexpected bumps and a mutual respect between the landlord and ourselves.


The same can’t be said for our time in the chapel unfortunately. We signed a contract through our letting agent so we didn’t think to purchase separate tenants insurance. We soon regretted this decision. Our landlord was very particular from the start, insisting on monthly inspections of the property. Whilst we thought this was overkill we agreed just to keep on his good side. What we didn’t realise was that he was planning on these being unannounced inspections. Whilst we didn’t have anything to hide and kept the property spotless we did feel like this was an invasion of our privacy. Our landlord also let himself in using his key one day when we were at work without our prior permission. The only reason we knew this was because I came home from work to a smashed glass jar with a note from him simply stating ‘sorry, I smashed your jar’. This was enough to push us to end our agreement and move after only 6 months, which was a shame as it was the perfect place for us.


So, when we became landlords a few years later we knew not to go into it with our eyes half shut and decided to make sure we were fully covered for all eventualities. Our letting agent recommended HomeLet to us for extra landlord insurance.

Luckily we didn’t need to make use of this insurance as our tenants were great but it provided us with peace of mind that it was there should we need it. If you’re looking to become either a landlord or tenant then the infographic above helps provide all the information you may want to consider.


*this is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own