So today we’ve reached a mini milestone. Our little baby Max is 6 months old. It feels like only yesterday that we were bringing him home from hospital, and now here he is, half a year old. People say time goes by so quickly when you become a parent and they’re right, Max is growing up so fast and the memories of him being a newborn are starting to fade.

So here’s a little update on Max at 6 months old:

  • We started weaning Max a few weeks ago. As we’ve begun the process a few weeks early, due to his reflux, we’ve been taking it slowly by introducing some spoon fed puree’s. But so far so good and it seems Max has a great appetite. He hasn’t once refused anything he’s been given to try and even loved a slightly weird concoction of pumpkin, parsnip, carrot and apple. We’re about to move onto some finger foods so watch this space for next months update
  • Max has learnt that he has control over different parts of his body and this month he mastered the art of shaking his head. It’s the cutest little thing as he has no idea what he’s doing really, he just merrily sits and shakes his head at someone whenever they speak to him

  • We’ve unfortunately hit another sleep regression and for most of this month Max has been waking every 45 minutes in the night. He settles quite quickly with a bit of reassurance from us but the broken sleep is really starting to take it’s toll. It’s honestly worse than when he was a newborn at the moment. We’re hoping he snaps out of it quickly
  • I had to call 111 last week due to Max being poorly. He had an awful cough for 10 days that just wouldn’t go away and he had a near choking episode. The out of hours doctor saw him pretty quickly and diagnosed a viral infection. His little throat was red raw apparently. I’m hoping that’s the reason he’s been waking again in the night and that as soon as he’s better he’ll go back to sleeping 11 hours again
  • Swimming lessons are still continuing and Max is starting to relax into it and enjoy them a bit more now. I really want him to love the water so I’m pleased he’s starting to take to it
  • Max now weighs 18lbs 2oz (8.2kg) and is still following the 50th centile on the chart nicely

That’s it for this months update. Make sure to pop back next month to see what new milestones little Max has reached.