We all know I have a thing for dressing Max in monochrome at the moment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to inject a bit of fun into his clothes either. During one of my nightly Instagram browsing sessions I came across the gorgeous Oscarlola Clothing and my eyes were instantly drawn to their amazing range of fabrics.

Oscarlola Clothing is owned by the lovely Emmi, a Mum and part time Anaesthetic Practitioner who lives in Suffolk. Emmi started making clothes for her children at the start of 2016 as a hobby. Bored of seeing the same prints and styles in high street shops she wanted to make something a little different. When it comes to picking fabrics Emmi believes the bolder and brighter the better.


Word soon spread amongst family and friends about the gorgeous clothing Emmi’s children were wearing so one day she bit the bullet and set up her Instagram shop and hasn’t looked back.

Max is lucky enough to own a gorgeous pair of dungarees from Oscarlola Clothing in their bold dinosaur print.  The quality of fabric used is outstanding, it’s so soft and after being washed 6 times now it has kept it’s bold colour with no fading at all. And I love the fact that there are no poppers on the crutch, instead you just slide your baby into them and pop up over the shoulders, meaning there’s no gaps where the nappy could show.

There’s lots of unique prints on offer, from penguins, to tractors and even zebras. And when it comes to colours, the list is endless, with pretty much every colour you could wish for on offer.

So if you like dressing you child in bold, statement clothing then pop over to Instagram and have a look at what Oscarlola Clothing has to offer, I promise you’ll be pleased you did.