Next up in my Instagram shop review series is the first shop I ever made a purchase from, Emma’s Bambino.

As you may have guessed, Emma’s Bambino is run by the lovely Emma who decided to start the business up at the end of 2015 during her maternity leave. The inspiration being her very own bambino – 2 year old son Santiago.

The idea came about when Emma got bored of the usual clothes on the high street and wanted to make Santiago some unique and stylish clothes. Santiago also had short legs for his age so it was a great opportunity for Emma to make him some leggings that fit him properly. Emma has now adopted this flexible approach to her business and will produce made to measure leggings for all shapes and sizes.

It’s not only a gorgeous selection of leggings that you’ll find on offer at Emma’s Bambino. There’s dribble bibs and hoodies and also a gorgeous ‘birthday’ range consisting of party hats and t-shirts, perfect for your little one to wear on their special day.

I think you’ll all agree that Max looks gorgeous in his monochrome star legging and t-shirt set and it’s one of my favourite outfits on him.

In the last year Emma’s Bambino has amassed nearly 13,000 followers on Instagram and opened an Etsy store. Be sure to pop over and have a look at all the amazing items on offer, there is something to suit every little bambino out there.