When you become a parent your focus shifts. You now have this tiny baby to love and care for, and their safety and well being becomes your number one priority. When we were preparing for the arrival of Max we spent hours researching every baby monitor on the market. We decided against the monitors that came with a sensor mat, having heard too many stories from friends about them malfunctioning. But we also knew we wanted something a bit more advanced than the standard audio only monitors. We eventually opted for something in the middle and went for an audio/video monitor.

But technology is ever evolving and the new Neebo Monitor is the latest monitor to hit the market. Developed by Czech Republic based company Daatrics, Neebo is the next generation wearable monitor designed for babies up to 24 months and it boasts some impressive features.

Neebo monitor’s your baby’s heart rate in real time, and provides accurate information on their blood oxygen levels. Keeping track of their body temperature, Neebo prevents your baby from getting too warm or too cold.

Neebo also monitors your baby’s sounds in real time and alerts you when your baby is waking up or is making distress noises. Neebo has a built-in noise suppression algorithm that filters out background noises to ensure you only hear those all important sounds.

Neebo’s wearable shape means it fits perfectly on your baby’s wrist. Measuring 21 mm wide by 29 mm high, it is the only penny-sized device that’s small enough to be placed over a newborn’s wrist, which is the most accurate place to measure a baby’s vital signs.

A feature that I particularly love is that Neebo is waterproof (up to one meter), meaning it can be worn during bath time, swimming, hand washing and general playtime, saving you the hassle of having to remove it numerous times throughout the day.

Using a standard wireless charging system, just one hour of charging will give your Neebo enough power to work for a week if you are using it actively or 20 days if you are just using it at night.

Neebo comes in a range of fun, modern matte colours, including Pearl, Aqua, Rose and Turquoise meaning there is something to suit everyone’s style.

It’s clear to see this is a product made by a parent with other parents in mind. It’s an incredibly intelligent device which provides peace of mind 24/7. It’s essentially an extra pair of eyes, ones that never sleep, constantly monitoring your baby and ensuring you are always connected to them, wherever they are.

I wish Neebo had been available when we were in the market for our infant monitor. Max had terrible reflux and was constantly sicking up his milk at all times of the day and night. We were so worried about him choking that we would take it in turns to sit up during the small hours to keep an eye on him.

I was also terribly paranoid when it came to Max’s breathing. He didn’t breathe for a few minutes after he was born and got whisked straight off to the neo-natal unit for monitoring. It triggered a reaction in me and it’s something that I still worry about now. Whilst I don’t think I’ll ever fully get over my anxiety relating to breathing, Neebo would have definitely helped eliminate some of this.

We’re hoping to give Max a brother or sister one day, so if we’re fortunate enough to have another baby I’ll definitely be investing in this.

Neebo is now available for pre-order here for a deposit of $49 with the remaining $150 payable just before shipment (US, Canada & EU only with an estimated shipment date of April 2017).


*this is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own