Your baby’s first Christmas is extremely special and something that you’ll never forget. Christmas had lost it’s sparkle for me over the years but I knew when Max came along that he would help put the magic back into the festive season. And I wasn’t wrong. Max’s first Christmas was amazing and we have made some fantastic memories that we’ll treasure forever.

Here’s some of the things that we did that helped us make our baby’s first Christmas that little bit more memorable.

Make or choose a special decoration

Having a personalised Christmas decoration is a great reminder of your baby’s first Christmas. You can try a bit of DIY by printing their hand or foot print onto a bauble. Or you could get their name embossed onto a bauble too. Either way these will be a great keepsake for years to come.

Capture the moment

Whilst I’m sure you’ll have a million and one things to do on Christmas day, especially if you’re the host, take a moment to stop and get your camera out. Your baby’s first Christmas is a special occasion and it’s so important to capture it on camera. You can even turn those cute festive photo’s into next year’s Christmas cards.

Take them to visit Father Christmas

What’s Christmas without a visit to see Father Christmas? Your baby may not have a clue who the big man in red is but you do, and no Christmas would be complete without a trip to Santa’s grotto.

Bring out the twinkling lights

Your baby is too young to understand the excitement of Christmas, but one thing they will love is looking at all the twinkling lights. So don’t be afraid to go overboard when decorating the tree this year.

Start your own family Christmas traditions

Every family has their own unique way of celebrating the big day. Some children may leave a cupcake out instead of a mince pie, or a bottle of beer instead of a glass of milk. Now is the perfect time to start your own family Christmas traditions, like a Christmas Eve box, or a Boxing Day stroll along the beach.

Dress them in a festive outfit

They may not thank you for it when they’re older but how can you resist dressing up your baby in a festive outfit? We had a Christmas themed outfit every day for the week leading up to Christmas, and opted for this cute Buddy the Elf outfit for Christmas Day itself.

Buy useful presents for your baby

Your baby will be going through a number of growth spurts in their early years, needing new clothes every few months. Why not be practical and buy them some clothes to see them through the next year? It’s probably the only year you’ll get away with not buying a huge pile of toys, so make the most of it.

Get a personalised sack or stocking

Your baby’s stocking/sack will be hung up year after year, ready for Santa’s visit. There are so many gorgeous personalised ones out there for you to pick from, or if you’re a dab hand at crafts then why not have a go and make your own?

Christmas Day often goes by in a blur. Before you know it the presents have been opened, the turkey has been eaten and you’re sat on the sofa feeling festively plump. This year make sure you take some time out and enjoy your baby’s first Christmas with them. It’s a day you’ll never get back so enjoy every second of it.