Well here we are, it’s 2017 and on New Years Day Max turned 7 months old. I’m a few days late with this months update due to the whirlwind of Christmas and New Year. But better late than never, here is everything Max has been up to in the past month:

  • It seems the restless nights we’ve been experiencing for weeks now have all been for a reason as Max has his first two TOOTHY PEGS. I had a feeling Max was teething as he’s been really unsettled and not his usual self. He went to bed one night with a mouth full of gums and woke up the next morning with his bottom two teeth poking through. He’s settled down a bit now they’re through but I have a feeling this is only the calm before the storm
  • Weaning has continued this month and we’ve now added in some finger foods to go with the purees Max was already having. We’re still yet to find something that he doesn’t like which is great

  • This month it seems Max has really found his voice and he doesn’t stop ‘talking’ now. OK not talking as such, more babbling baby talk, but it’s non-stop. He responds to you when you talk to him and it sounds like he’s really trying to say ‘hello’
  • There’s still no sign of crawling just yet but I have a feeling it won’t be long. Every time we turn our backs we find that Max has rolled over onto his front and he seems desperate to be on the move now
  • Probably the most exciting thing to happen this month was celebrating Max’s first Christmas. We went all out to help make it as memorable as possible. We took him to meet Father Christmas which was so cute, he was as cool as a cucumber and took a liking to his beard, trying to pull it off at every opportunity. We dressed him up as Buddy the Elf on Christmas day and he enjoyed sitting up at the table with us eating his own mini Christmas dinner, with the Yorkshire puddings proving to be a big hit. It was a day we’ll never forget

That’s it for this months update. Make sure to pop back next month to see what Max has been up to.

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