Ever since I became a Mum my photograph collection has had a serious growth spurt. I’m forever taking photos of Max, not wanting to miss a single moment of him growing up. In the 6 months that he’s been here I’ve taken in excess of 1,000 photos of him. Unfortunately they seem to be building up in my phone storage as I try to come up with ways to display them.

So when I was given the opportunity to review a photo montage canvas from Zippi I knew right away that I couldn’t say no.

I opted for the 12 x 12 heart shape montage, currently £35.99, which was an obvious choice to show off pictures of the little boy who has certainly stolen my heart.

The ordering process was very user friendly and took about 15 minutes from start to finish. The heart montage allows you to use 11 photos. Uploading is simple, you just click on the desired section and upload the photo from your computer hard-drive.

Once all of your photos have been uploaded you have the option to change the background colour of your photo montage canvas. I like clean and simple designs so I stuck to white, but you have the option of every colour you can imagine, and in every shade too. There is something to suit every taste and to compliment every room in your house.

Once the order was processed it was time to sit and eagerly await the finished product. And I didn’t have to wait long. Just 48 hours after placing my order there was a tap at my door by my local courier who came bearing gifts.

The quality of what I unwrapped was fantastic. No grainy images, just crisp, clear photos printed on premium canvas hand stretched over a 38mm pine frame. I couldn’t be happier and am already planning on getting a few more designs to spread out throughout the house.

It’s not just canvases that you’ll find on offer over at Zippi. They have an extensive range of products, including personalised phone covers, mugs and coasters, as well as greeting cards and tote bags. So pop over and take a look, your own piece of individual awesomeness is just a few clicks away.


*this is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own