The thing I’ve come to love about all the Instagram shops I’ve come across is that they are run by strong, passionate Mama’s who are looking for ways to provide for their family whilst spending more time at home with their little one’s. And the lovely Mama behind Bee Minor is no exception.

Bee Minor is run by Keren, a wife and Mummy to her 3 year old boy, Mason. Keren’s work background has predominantly been in law enforcement, working in a corporate environment in London. After having Mason she realised that her priorities had shifted and her focus was now on being around to see her little boy grow up. After taking voluntary redundancy Keren got a part-time job, still within the police, but closer to home.

Deciding she needed a new challenge Keren bit the bullet and self-taught herself how to sew (with a little help from her own Mama) and began sourcing fabrics that had unique yet classic designs. The rest, as they say, is history and Bee Minor was born in June 2016.

With natural living at the forefront of Keren’s mind she uses only the best organic material for her clothing, wanting to help protect your little one’s sensitive skin. I try my hardest to source organic clothing for Max rather than chemical heavy standard cotton and this is one of many reasons I love the clothing that Bee Minor has to offer.

The current range includes leggings, harem pants, scarfs, hats and blankets in a variety of different patterns. Keen to keep on top of the latest trends Bee Minor will soon be adding baby onesies, T-shirts and sweatshirts to the existing range with a celestial theme of ‘Everyday Dream’ behind the patterns. Screen printing is also something that Keren is looking to include soon, meaning she can add her own unique designs.

Max is lucky to be the proud owner of a few pairs of leggings from Bee Minor, with these heart ones’s being my personal favourite. The quality is outstanding and I’m so sad that they no longer fit him but they’ll soon be replaced with some more from the new range.

If you’re looking to dress your little one in unique, quality and adorable clothing then head over to Bee Minor and check out what’s on offer. And if you pop MIRACLEMAX into the discount code box at the checkout you’ll receive a 15% discount. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be helping one very talented lady follow her dream.