Always on the lookout for the latest baby gadgets Adam recently purchased an electric baby nail trimmer on Amazon made by ‘Little Martin’s Drawer’. 24 hours later it arrived on our doorstep and from that moment on it’s quite simply been one of our best, if not the best, baby purchases we’ve made to date.

Ever since Max arrived filing his nails has been something I dread. Midwives told me horror stories of parents using baby nail scissors and snipping off the tip of their little newborn’s finger. Keen to avoid this I stuck to a traditional baby nail file but this wasn’t doing a good enough job. No matter how much I filed them Max’s nails were still rough and sharp and the poor little boy would wake up daily with new scratches on his face.

The baby nail trimmer from Little Martin’s Drawer comes in two colours, pink and blue. Suitable to use from birth onwards the nail trimmer comes with 3 cushioned sandpapers which are safe for babies and children, as well as 3 attachments for adult use.

Lightweight and compact, the nail trimmer operates using two AA batteries and can easily be used with a single hand due to its one-button operation. You simply attach your chosen nail file, turn it on, and use the LED front light to softly grind away excess nail length. Boasting a whisper-quiet motor, you don’t have to worry about waking your baby if you prefer to file their nails whilst they’re sleeping.

There’s two speed settings (high/low) and two rotation settings (clockwise/reverse) to pick from for enhancing nail filing positions, resulting in softer, smoother nails.

This baby nail trimmer has honestly made taking care of Max’s nails so easy. I’ve gone from spending up to an hour every few days filing his nails, to a maximum of just five minutes. Best of all there’s no more putting his tiny, adorable hands in scratch mittens. Instead he can safely explore his facial features, and ours, without leaving unsightly scratch marks.