This week I’ve teamed up with Jefferies Solicitors to highlight all of those holiday hazards that we face when going abroad. We’re off on holiday to Dubai shortly so this is perfect timing, and now we have Max it couldn’t be more important that we plan for every eventuality as you can never be too careful. I’ve already got our insurance sorted and know how to make a claim should I need to, although I have everything crossed that I won’t.

So what are the main holiday hazards that I’m always mindful of when travelling abroad?

Like most families we spend a lot of our holiday around the pool, either soaking up the sun or having a splash about. Slips and trips on wet surfaces are the most common swimming pool hazard, but there are others to look out for too in the form of loose or damaged tiles, or unclear pool depth markings. I always ensure I test the water depth before diving right in and familiarise myself with where the pools safety rings are located.

There’s nothing more delicate than babies skin and it’s so important to make sure they are fully protected from the sun at all times. I’ve suffered sun stroke a few times over the years and it’s not pleasant, but it is easily avoidable, in adults and children. I’ll be making sure that Max is dressed in lightweight, loose fitting clothing whilst in Dubai, keeping him in the shade wherever possible and making sure he is drinking plenty of water to keep fully hydrated.

Holiday Hazards

Food poisoning is something that I’ve been unfortunate enough to have had whilst on holiday, and it’s definitely something that I will do anything to avoid having again. There’s nothing worse than spending your holiday curled up in the bathroom hugging the toilet bowl. Max is now in full on weaning mode so we need to be extra vigilant when it comes to the foods we eat. Where possible we’ll order fresh off the menu, avoiding buffet style restaurants as you can never be sure how long the food has been sitting out for.

Road accidents are a holiday hazard that I’ve witnessed on several occasions, and they don’t just involve the local taxi drivers. We’re planning on hiring some quad bikes in Dubai and whilst a lot of local laws say you don’t have to wear a helmet, I personally would never jump onto a quad bike or moped without one.

Before travelling abroad it’s worth making sure you are fully clued up on your destination’s health risks, after all, you don’t want to come back with any unwanted souvenirs!

*this is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own