When Benefit produce a new product, it is often a pretty big deal. They work hard on their formulas to create something that actually does what it says on the tin, and they work equally as hard on the packaging, which is always fabulous. Their latest offering is their They’re Real Big Sexy Lip Kit, RRP £24.50, which comprises of four lip products that are like no other.

Lip liner is back in a big way, but getting the colour combinations right can often be tricky. You don’t want it too dark, nor too light, and you also want the liner shade to be complimentary to the lipstick colour. Benefit have just made that dilemma a little bit easier for you with these 2 in 1 lipsticks.

Benefit claim these lipsticks “create visibly fuller-looking lips in one easy step”. As someone who is unfortunate enough to have pretty thin lips I was eager to see if they lived up to their promise.

Presented in a cute little tin, ideal for travelling or popping in your handbag, this clever quartet of pint-sized lipsticks come in four shades:

  • Flame Game (zesty orange)
  • Pink Thrills (fuchsia pink)
  • Revved up red  (a punchy rouge)
  • Lusty Rose (dusty pink)

Each custom teardrop tip grabs & defines your lip line and fills in your lips with a complementing colour, giving you visibly fuller, sexier lips in an instant.

Simply position the pointed tip along your upper lip line and glide on. Then pivot to fill in your lower lip. It really is that simple! There’s no need to apply too much pressure when using the tip, it’s not needed and you’ll just end up damaging it.

These lipsticks are long lasting, meaning there’s no need to continuously reapply throughout the day. I recently wore Lusty Rose for a day trip to London, which included theatre, drinks and dinner, and I only needed to touch up once, which means the set should last me ages.

The liners aren’t overly bold, so if you’re looking for an obvious contrast these won’t deliver on that. But what they do deliver is a subtle contrast.

I’d love to see the range extended to include a tin which focuses more on nude shades as these are what I personally wear day to day. However they’re perfect for spring/summer and will definitely be coming with me on my holiday later this year.