I can’t believe it but another month has passed and Max is now 9 months old. I actually didn’t get around to posting his 8 month update for a number of reasons. Firstly, not much actually happened in terms of development, it was a bit of a slow month. Related to this I actually had a bad month in terms of my emotions. I was left feeling like Max was behind in reaching certain milestones, and in turn this made me feel like I was failing him as a Mum.

However this month has been different and I feel like we’re both in a much better place. So here’s everything Max has been up to this month:

  • Max’s first top tooth popped through this month, bringing his total number of toothy pegs up to three. We had a rough week worth of sleepless nights in the lead up to the tooth breaking through which is to be expected. There are signs he has another top tooth on the way too so we’re bracing ourselves for another bumpy ride
  • Max’s biggest achievement this month is that he can FINALLY sit unaided! The lack of sitting has been the main cause of my Mummy guilt. 9 months is relatively late to be sitting up and the doctor had actually booked us in for an appointment for physio due to potential muscle weakness. But a few weeks of perseverance from us all paid off and he finally cracked it the day before his appointment. He still throws himself back after 10 minutes or so, either out of boredom or frustration, but that’s something we can work on

9 month baby

  • Max finally mastered the Jumperoo this month. The monstrosity has been sitting unused for months now, with Max showing no signs of being interested every time we tried him in it. But a few weeks ago it’s like something just clicked and there’s now no stopping him and he spends hours everyday bouncing up and down
  • The month finished with Max’s second time on a plane as we jetted off for some winter sun to Dubai for five nights. We had an amazing family holiday and spent lots of time splashing with him in the pool, he’s becoming a real water baby which is great. He’s becoming a seasoned traveller, having already visited Orlando when he was just a baby and an upcoming holiday to Cyprus planned. He’s one lucky boy

As you can see it’s been a busy month with lots of memories made. Be sure to check back next month to find out what new adventures Max has got up to.