With the end of my maternity leave fast approaching and my return to work imminent I’ve teamed up with GoToMeeting Blog to look at the amount of time we spend commuting to and from work.

I’m lucky that I now only work 20 minutes from home, but this hasn’t always been the case. For seven years I worked in London, commuting from my home in Essex everyday. On a good day my commute totalled three hours and consisted of a bus, train and tube. Over seven years that works out to an impressive 4,830 hours, or depending on which way you look at it a staggering 201 days spent on public transport commuting to work!

London is becoming more and more congested and it’s estimated that 1.26 million people are travelling into the capital during the morning rush hour. That’s enough people to fill the olympic stadium almost 16 times.

London Commute

With all those people trying to get to the same places, on the same tubes, it’s no wonder that the network struggles, meaning delays are inevitable. The worst offender seems to be the central line and from January to April 2016 it clocked up a massive 249,473 minutes worth of delays – that’s like watching the entire Lord of the Rings box set 447 times (and I thought once was bad enough).

Unfortunately there’s no end in sight when it comes to tube delays. With the volume of passengers projected to soar over the coming years more and more people are looking at ways to avoid the madness. There’s a few easy, and cheaper, alternatives to jumping on the tube during rush hour:

  • bikes are an ever increasing popular way of navigating through London so why not join the estimated 610,000 people already peddling their way across town?
  • if you only travel a few stops on the tube then why not get those legs working instead and walk to work?
  • given the sardine like conditions on the tube, why not head to the water like a heard of buffalo instead? The Thames Clippers run speedy and regular services from main commuter hubs including Canary Warf, Tower Hill and London Bridge

London Commute

A lot of companies have adapted to a more flexible way of working, giving employees the option of working from home. Did you know that if you worked from home for one day a week you’d save yourself an easy 36 hours per year? You could even see if you could adjust your working hours, meaning you can avoid the rush hour altogether.

Time is precious these days, and we can’t afford to waste it. I actually can’t believe how much time I lost simply getting to and from work. That time could have been spent with family, going out for dinner, catching up with friends, or just having some quality ‘me’ time.

How long is your daily commute? Are you one of the unlucky ones who has to tackle the tube every day? If so……I salute you!


*this is a collaborative post but all opinions are my own