Spring has officially sprung and I couldn’t be happier! There’s definitely something in the air during this time of year that makes everything seem just that little bit more refreshed and rejuvenated. Maybe it’s the longer and (slightly) sunnier days?! Whatever the reason – I see spring as the perfect time to reflect on the year so far, and most importantly as an excuse for a new beginning.

As a busy Mum, it’s all too easy to become stuck in a routine that can become tiring and demanding. That’s why I strongly believe in the importance of mixing things up where possible and using this time of year to make way for a new challenge or project. So in the spirit of spring cleaning – why not make that project a little makeover for your home? Afterall, a little redecorating and fresh lick of paint is the perfect way to blow away the winter cobwebs.

Decorating the bedrooms in your home is a great place to start. We all seem pretty certain on what we want when it comes to the decor in our own bedroom – but what about when it comes to decorating your kids rooms? Before you can get stuck in and start painting, the first challenge is picking a colour scheme – but with SO much choice, where to start?

For new Mum’s especially, getting your baby’s first bedroom right is of huge importance. While newborn babies might not be able to perceive colours properly for a while, this ability will begin to develop as they grow. If you’re in need of a little inspiration I’ve put together a quick rundown of some colour theory and how it can help you to choose precisely the right paint colour for your child’s nursery!


Most little girls love a splash of pink – fact. After all, it is the universal colour of all things girly and feminine. It’s also a wonderfully soothing colour too – which is certain to come in handy with those tantrum prone princesses! Remember to get the right shade though and always opt for pale, pastel pinks as opposed to deep, garish tones.

I love: ‘Beauty Queen’ by Crown – £20.50 for 2.5 ltr


Blue is known for it’s calming effects and can even reduce feelings of anxiety (for both parents and children!). This colour is typically associated with baby boys but is increasingly becoming a more gender neutral choice due to the ambiance it creates.

I love: ‘Blissful Blue’ by Dulux – £16 for 2.5 ltr


Green is mostly associated with nature and is the colour of wellbeing. Some research shows that green can have a relaxing effect on the body and can even increase concentration and reading ability. Green is the perfect colour for a learning environment and a great choice for when your little one is starting school.

I love: ‘Wellbeing Silk’ by Dulux – £16 for 2.5 ltr


Whilst yellow might seem sunny, bright and perfect for spring – remember to use with caution. A yellow that’s too bright can agitate your baby. Opt for a creamy, soft yellow as opposed to any neon shades.

I love:  ‘Sunrise’ by Crown Silk Emulsion – £14 for 2.5 ltr


White is also a gender neutral favourite. It’s crisp, clean and bright. White may be the perfect colour for newborns – but be sure to steer clear of all white walls when it comes to decorating a room for your toddler – this will definitely mean stains!

I love: ‘Clay White’ by Crown paints –  £13 for 2.5 ltr