American brand Skinn has recently made it’s way across the pond and at long last is available to buy in the UK from Ideal World TV, and I’m excited that I’ve been sent some goodies from their Collagenesis range to try out.

Skinn combines natures finest ingredients with todays most effective anti-ageing technology to keep you looking radiant, vibrant and youthful.

Collagenesis by Skinn is an anti-ageing range designed for all skin types with the aim to prevent early signs of ageing and for the treatment of mature skin. Whilst at 33 I may not quite fall into the mature category just yet, my skin is definitely starting to show signs of ageing so I’m always looking for ways to try and slow nature down.

Collagenesis Twenty Four Hour Youth Preservation Cream Elite

A bit of a mouthful to say but this cream is fab. It’s non-greasy, long lasting and has a subtle floral scent. It has a rich, thick texture, and is almost rubbery to touch but it massages onto your skin with ease. The cream contains Capryloyl Salicylic Acid, which assists skin turnover and goes towards keeping your complexion looking radiant. A little goes a long way with this cream which I’ve been applying both morning and evening, so I can see the 50ml pot lasting quite a while.

Collagenesis Stem Rejen Elite Age Delay Facial Serum

This serum comes in a convenient hand held sized pump bottle. I love the fact that the serum is the same subtle pastel pink shade as the bottle itself yet the colour doesn’t transfer onto your skin. I applied a small amount of this both morning and evening, then applied the Twenty Four Hour Youth Preservation Cream afterwards. It’s lightweight, very lightly scented and leaves my skin feeling soft to touch after only a weeks worth of applications.

Collagenesis Lip Stem Rejen Elite

Laughter lines are something I’ve always suffered with. The Collagenesis Lip Stem Rejen Elite aims to help diminish lines around the lip for a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance. It has a lovely fresh scent, almost minty, and has a lovely cooling after effect once applied. This can be applied throughout the day as and when required, but I found I only needed to apply a small amount both morning and evening and after only one week I can genuinely see my laughter lines softening.

Collagenesis Eye Stem Rejen Elite

Like the other products I tried the  Collagenesis Eye Stem Rejen Elite also comes in a creamy texture.  This has a stronger smell than the other products but it’s not unpleasant and wears off after a few minutes. Like the Lip serum this has a lovely cooling after effect and doesn’t feel too heavy around your eyes. You only need a tiny amount on your fingertip which is then massaged in a circular motion under and around the eye area.

I’ve loved using these products and they’re definitely up there with the best lotions and potions I’ve tried. So why not take advantage of the fab discount on offer and get your hands on this bundle of creams and serums, I promise you’ll be pleased you did!

*this post contains PR samples but all opinions are my own