Another month and another update. I can’t quite believe it but we’re no longer in single figures and my darling Maxy Moo you are now 10 months old! We’re hurtling towards your 1st birthday at a rate of knots and before we know it we’ll have a one year old on our hands! Time is going too fast.

10 months

It’s been a busy month, so here’s everything you’ve been up to:

  • the month got off to a bad start with your first trip to A&E. You picked up a nasty viral infection upon our return from Dubai which just wouldn’t shift. After a bad morning of you suffering with breathing difficulties we decided we needed to get you checked out. After nine hours and a little help from an oxygen mask we were allowed to take you home. You’re much better now, but please don’t scare mummy and daddy like that again
  • you had your first trip to the park this month! We’ve been meaning to go for a while but things just seemed to get in the way. But the sun was shining and we had a day off so there was no excuse! And it was a huge hit! You absolutely adored the swings and laughed the whole time you were on them, never once letting go of the chains as we pushed you higher and higher! You cried the place down when it was time to go home, but don’t worry, we’ll take you back real soon
  • another toothy peg has appeared and you now have two top and two bottom teeth. We didn’t even notice this one coming until it popped through, you made no fuss at all. What a brave boy

10 months

  • probably the most exciting thing to happen this month was you said your first word! And guess what it was?……Mama!! Me and daddy have been in tough competition, me encouraging you to say mama and him encouraging you to say dada! But mummy won! You’ve been chatting away ever since and just last week you cracked it and added both dada and baba to your vocabulary
  • we celebrated our first Mother’s Day together this month and you did a cracking job in making it so special. You showered me with flowers and gifts, including a pretty snazzy pair of boots, and we went for a lovely lunch with daddy. It was the perfect day and I couldn’t have wished for better
  • lastly, our time off together came to an end as mummy’s maternity leave was over and I went back to work. It’s a day I’ve been dreading for a while now but it had to happen sooner or later. It was tough leaving you on my first morning, but you were a real champ and made no fuss at all, it was just me who couldn’t stop crying! It’s not forever though and we’ll soon be back to causing daily mischief with each other

Wow, what a busy month we had!  I also want to let you know what an amazing little boy you’re becoming. I’ve made no secret of the difficult times we’ve had with you over the months, you weren’t the easiest of babies by any stretch of the imagination, but you’ve really settled down this month. You’re always laughing and smiling, and you’re a pleasure to be around at the moment. Long may it continue!