Bathtime is a pretty big deal in our house, you could actually go as far to say it’s the main event of the day! No matter how tired and grouchy Max is getting, as soon as we pop him in the big tub full of warm H2O his little face lights up, the whinging stops and the splashing begins.

Finding bath products that are kind to babies delicate skin can be tricky, and we were guilty of opting for the easy option of using 2-in-1 products, but this got me thinking – I’d never consider washing my body with shampoo, or my hair with shower gel, so why were we essentially doing just this with Max? The scalp and the body are two different types of skin, and they need to be treated individually.

Frezyderm have that covered with their wide range of baby products. We’re already big fans of the Frezyderm Liquid Talc and Baby Cream so when they sent us some bath time products we had high hopes that we’d love them just as much.


Frezyderm Baby Shampoo – £9.99, 300ml

Frezyderm claim their baby shampoo is ‘extra gentle and maintains natural moisture levels of the hair and skin, without aggravating or stinging baby’s eyes’. These are the basics I look for when picking skincare for Max and I wouldn’t expect anything less. The shampoo contains wheat proteins which help to strengthen the hair structure, whilst the added chamomile extract has both anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory effects.

The shampoo is clear in colour with a slight sticky texture to it. It’s beautifully scented and reminds me of the clean smell of baby talc. It was easy to lather and just as easy to wash out. It didn’t irritate Max’s eyes and it left his hair looking and smelling divine.


Frezyderm Baby Bath – £9.50, 300ml

This baby bath can be used all over your baby’s skin to both cleanse and soothe. It contains a mild emollient to make sure all those impurities are washed away, while maintaining your baby’s natural skin barrier. It gently cleanses without drying or interfering with the skins normal pH levels.

Like the shampoo it is clear in colour and has the same dreamy light scent that’s not too overpowering, but just enough for you to obsessively want to smell your baby for the next hour. It rubs in nicely and doesn’t lather up too much, meaning you don’t spend the next 10 minutes washing off all the bubbles.

Overall we’re just as impressed with these products as we expected to be. They didn’t irritate Max’s skin, if anything they left it feeling softer, and I can’t stress enough how lovely they smell. Plus a little goes a long way meaning they should see us through many more bath times yet. It seems like Frezyderm has cracked it when it comes to skincare for little ones.