Fashion is a huge part of my life. From a young age I spent every Saturday in our local high street with my mum, picking out a new outfit. That’s a tradition that is still going strong today (much to my husbands dismay). I like to think I have a good sense of style and my wardrobe is bursting at the seams with the latest trends.

However the one thing I’ve always struggled with is the transition from winter to summer – never quite knowing when to pack the jumpers and boots away and bring the flip flops and maxi dresses out of retirement. The British weather is far from predictable and no sooner have you ventured outside without a coat on the rain sets in again.

The people over at chums recently surveyed women from all over the UK to determine what they really think about their lifestyle and clothing and 52% said that their favourite season to dress for is summer. With that in mind I’ve come up with some summer styling tips to help you on your way to achieving a practical, yet stylish, look in the coming months.

Layer up

If the weather can’t make up it’s mind then opt for layers, you can never have too many in my opinion. Think cami top, a denim shirt and a lightweight bomber jacket. As the day warms up you can peel the layers off, and simply pop them back on if the sun goes in.

Choose fabrics wisely

To stay cool on hot days it’s best to wear materials like cotton as the fibers are hollow in the centre, meaning they absorb perspiration and release it quickly. Linen also is a winning summer material. It’s stronger than cotton and a better conductor of heat, making it the most breathable fabric out there.

Know your body

Summer isn’t all about size 8 mini skirts and dresses. Plus sized fashion has come on leaps and bounds and there’s no limit to what you can wear. In today’s world it’s so important to dress for your body shape. Be realistic in your choices and use clothes to highlight your best assets.

Consider accessories

We all know us women can’t go anywhere without our trusty handbags. Choose one that doesn’t touch your skin, like a small clutch bag for example. Also a crossbody with a thin strap will sit right at your clothed parts, like your hip or thigh, and will feel a lot better to carry than a shoulder bag that sticks to your armpits.

Opt for patterns

Not only can patterns be bright, bold and beautiful, they can also hide a multitude of sins. Sweat marks are inevitable during summer and patterns will hide these far better than solid colours will.

Don’t forget your feet

Keep shoes flat, open-toed, and sturdy, if you want to keep from sweat slipping out of them. Also, make sure they’re fully broken in before you start wearing them in the mid summer sun, that’s just asking for blisters.

I hope these tips go some way to helping you make the right choices when it comes to your wardrobe this summer. But whatever you choose to wear, the main thing is to wear it with confidence!