Moving home can be a stressful experience for anyone; it’s a big life transition. You have to face drastic changes and unfamiliarity. From meeting new neighbours to working out which local shop is the best for you, there are so many little changes that will completely shift the dynamic of your everyday life. Moving home with a little one can be even more difficult, as you have to guide them through these changes too. If you’re planning on moving home, here are a few things to bear in mind to make everything run as smoothly, and stress free, as possible. 

Give plenty of warning

Children need to be aware of any upcoming changes in their life as soon as possible. Never highlight any of the negatives of moving home, instead make it seem like one big adventure! Scope out child friendly places around your new home and take them to visit. Check out local parks, shopping centres, cinemas and restaurants. Give them a feel of their new home before they get there. They’ll be itching to move when the time comes.

Make packing a game

Kids don’t like to see their belongings stuffed away in boxes out of sight and reach. So save tears and make the packing a game for them. Let them choose which boxes their toys go in and, most importantly, leave a special toy out for the journey to their new home. It will comfort them having a favorite teddy or doll to hand.

Make life easier for yourself

Hire a removal service. It’s hard to keep an eye on little ones at the same time as attempting to shift a three piece suite into a rented van. Make life easier for yourself by hiring a reliable extra pair of hands. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Services such as Shiply offer free quotes to get you the best service possible at the lowest price out there. 

Say goodbyes

If you’re moving a significant distance, give your little ones a chance to say goodbye to their favorite people and places. With the internet and phones, it’s easy to stay in touch with everyone nowadays, so comfort them with the fact that they can speak to any of their friends once they’ve left.

Moving in

You may want to get straight into redecorating and unpacking the bulk of the house, but it’s important to prioritise the children’s room. For one, it will give them a space to occupy themselves while you focus on the rest of the house. Little hands can cause all sorts of mess when there’s fresh paint about. Unpack their toys and make sure there’s somewhere comfortable for them to sleep.  It will also give them a space to feel they belong.

Be patient

Even the most confident children will feel a little insecure in a new environment. Kids may get more clingy than usual after moving day, but be patient. They’ll settle in soon enough, make friends and be back to their boisterous selves in no time.