Happy 1st Birthday our darling Max!

I can’t quite believe you’re one! It seems like only yesterday we were rushing to hospital after my waters unexpectedly broke earlier than planned. 32 hours of gruelling labour later and you were here. 10 tiny fingers, 10 tiny toes, chubby cheeks and a button nose – you were perfect – and you were all ours.

People always say to cherish every moment as it goes so fast. I didn’t realise how true that was! I’ve willed these last few months to slow down but here we are, celebrating your first birthday. We have been honoured to have you in our lives for 365 days and our love for you grows on a daily basis. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, and we’ve felt every emotion humanly possible, good and bad.

How do I put into words a love that is impossible to describe? How can I explain the way you make my heart ache whenever your big brown eyes meet mine? You have bought so much happiness into our lives in ways that we didn’t realise were possible, and we love you more with each passing day.

We all know how hard the early days were for us. You certainly weren’t the easiest of little ones, spending every waking minute crying. We struggled to get into a routine and life with a newborn wasn’t what we imagined. But with a lot of patience, and coffee, we got there in the end and you soon settled into life and your real personality started to shine through.

You are fiercely independent, preferring to figure things out on your own rather than looking to us for help. Your smile is infectious and you are the biggest flirt I’ve ever met, fluttering those long lashes at anyone who looks your way. You’ve developed my thrill seeking side and are a right little daredevil, never happier than when your daddy is throwing you up in the air or pushing you high on the swings.

Your favourite foods are waffles, peanut butter, grapes and cheese strings. I’m sure you’re happiest when you’re eating and your next meal is never far from your mind.

You can say mama, dada, baba and nana – and a few other sounds that we can’t quite figure out yet – but I’m sure they make sense to you!

You have ten toothy pegs! You’re half way to a full set already, and you’ve been a bit of a warrior with them, barely making a fuss at all!

You can clap your hands, wave goodbye, roll over and you are the best raspberry blower I’ve ever met!

You are our miracle baby, the one that we never thought we’d get. Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves, we still can’t believe you’re here, and we get to keep you forever.

It is has been a privilege watching you grow these last twelve months and we honestly couldn’t be more thankful that you came into our lives. We adore you! Thank you for being all we could ever wish for.

Mummy & Daddy