Having kids is no mean feat. A lot of new parents find it incredibly hard to get to grips with the new responsibilities they have. From feeding their child to helping them with their education – you have plenty to do before they leave home. One of the biggest challenges you’ll face comes in the form of bedtime. Kids, around the world, make this time difficult for their families for seemingly no reason at all. But, in most cases, there is a reason. To help you deal with this, this post will go through some gentle ways to help your child sleep at night. 

The couple of hours before your child goes to sleep are the most important during this sort of endeavour. Without the right preparation, it can be hard to get a kid to sleep. So you need to consider several things. For one, your child shouldn’t be eating during this time, otherwise they will find it harder to sleep, and they may even feel sick. Along with this, sweet and sugary foods could give them a huge burst of energy. You should also think about entertainment too. It’s important to make sure that they avoid electronic devices before they sleep. The light produced by the screens on technology like this can inhibit melatonin production, making it hard for your child to feel drowsy. Instead, a book is a much better option.

Of course, some parents will want to be their kid’s source of entertainment, especially while they are young. At bedtime, the activities you do with your child should be done with getting them to sleep in mind. Most parents will tell their child stories or sing to them to help them get to sleep. In a lot of cases, this sort of activity will be perfect and it gives you a chance to spend some quality time with your child. As they get older though their needs could change. To deal with this, you will have to keep trying new ways to get them off to sleep. There are loads of blogs and forums on the internet full of helpful resources to get your child to sleep. 

Finally the bed itself can make it incredibly hard for your child to sleep. In most cases, budget or discount beds are designed and made very cheaply and this means that they aren’t very comfortable. When you buy something like this you should always aim to get it from a recognised company. Getting your hands on a Slumberland or Relyon mattress could make bedtimes much easier. Doing this would enable you to keep your kid’s old bed frame, saving you a little bit of money. In most cases this will make bedtime much easier – it’s all about the comfort. 

Hopefully this will give you a good idea of what can be done if you want to start making bedtime less stressful. Not a lot of parents spend the time to find new ways to help their kids to sleep, but putting this effort in can have a big impact on life – so it’s definitely worth it!