Dear mum’s at the local baby class,

You probably won’t remember me, but I’ll always remember you!

This morning we did something that I’ve put off for the past year – we braved our first ever local baby class. Until now I’ve avoided such classes like the plague. Visions in my head of them being full of cliquey mum’s. Mum’s who have no interest in getting stuck in playing with their kids, instead ignoring them and opting to sit and gossip about the amount of time their husbands spend playing on their PS4’s.

I’m not someone you would call shy and I like to think I can handle myself in most, if not all, social situations, so when my husband asked if I wanted him to come for some moral support I confidently announced “no it’s ok babe – I’ve got this” as I walked out of the door.

I had no problem initially walking into the class and heading over to a pile of toys, getting Max all nice and settled. It took me a few minutes to notice but you had all gravitated towards different corners of the room to us, grabbing a chair and waving your kids off to go and play together.

I was sure if I caught your eye and gave you a smile you’d maybe strike up a conversation with me – but the opportunity never arose – none of you even glanced in our direction.

I have thick skin so I could brush this off. The reality is I’m not looking to make new friends, today wasn’t about me at all. Today was about Max, for him to have fun and maybe make a new little friend or two. You see, Max is incredibly friendly, and he adores meeting new people, especially little people like him. He smiles in the direction of anyone who will look at him, and loves it when you interact with him. So that’s exactly what he did today, he was giving out his best toothy smiles left, right and centre, but no one noticed.

Then a glimmer of hope came – a little boy toddled over to us, gave Max a smile and went to sit down with him to play. But you had other ideas didn’t you – the mum dressed head to toe in her Adidas workout gear. You didn’t want your little boy to play with mine did you? You made that quite clear when you rushed over, took him by the hand, pulled him away whilst saying loud enough for all to hear “I don’t want you to play with that little boy, we don’t know him”. I heard you giggling as you walked back to your friends, and I heard all their little sniggers too.

That was the final straw for me – I will never allow anyone to treat my child as an outcast like that. I quickly made up my mind about what sort of people you were after this, first impressions count for a lot in my books, so decided I’d made a wasted journey. You are all the exact reason I’ve steered well clear of these kind of classes. Instead of making a new mum feel welcome you all went out of your way to make me feel lonely – you should be ashamed of yourselves.

I have no doubt that you didn’t even notice when I left the class early, tears stinging my eyes, desperate to get out of there and back to the safety of my own home.

Maybe I was just unlucky and picked the wrong class, I’m sure there are some lovely one’s out there and I’d like to think that not all mum’s are as unwelcoming as you were. One thing’s for sure though, I won’t be returning to your local baby class, you ladies are welcome to each other.


A mum with her head held high


*please note this class was not one of the ever popular baby sensory classes, this was a local baby class experience