About six months ago we started thinking ahead to how we should celebrate Max’s 1st birthday. As most of you will know by now, he’s our miracle baby, so when it came to picking the theme for his party there was one obvious choice – it had to be a rainbow birthday party!

A baby born after a miscarriage is often referred to as a ‘rainbow baby’ – this is because after every storm comes a rainbow. It’s the brightness after the darkness and the joy after the heartache. Max is the rainbow baby that we never thought we’d get. Our storm lasted 5 years, but we were rewarded with the most colourful and beautiful rainbow I have ever seen, so a rainbow birthday party seemed the perfect choice.

The party was held in my sister’s garden, and there wasn’t an inch of space that wasn’t decorated. Rainbow banners and bunting hung from the trees, bright balloons were dotted all around, even the plates, cups and straws were rainbow coloured! Luckily for us the weather was beautiful too and the beaming sun enhanced all the bright colours.

rainbow birthday party

Now you can’t celebrate a birthday without cake and lucky for me I didn’t have to look too far. My very talented mum and sister have their own baking business and specialise in birthday cakes. They took my rainbow brief and ran with it and I couldn’t have been happier with the finished result. Not only was it decorated beautifully on the outside, inside it consisted of six brightly coloured layers, flavoured with orange sponge and white chocolate ganache – I can assure you it tasted as good as it looked. The cake took pride of place on the ‘treat table’ that we set up which included lots of pick n mix, cupcakes and popcorn!

rainbow birthday party

No kids party would be complete without inflatables and we made sure the garden was packed full of them, including a huge bouncy castle and a giant inflatable ball pool which as you can see was a huge hit with the birthday boy!

rainbow birthday party

The main focal point of the party was the bell tent that we hired. Expertly set up and decorated 24 hours prior to the party it really added the wow factor to the whole day. It was decked out with floor cushions, balloons and tableware all in our rainbow theme. The kids loved it and took a break from the party madness to sit in there and have their lunch and re-charge their batteries.

The rainbow birthday party cost a fortune, took months to plan and caused me more stress than when I planned our wedding, but it was absolutely worth it. Seeing our family and friends all come together in one place to help us celebrate Max’s birthday was priceless and it is a day we will always look back on with only the fondest of memories.