We’ve just arrived back from our latest family holiday, 2 week’s in Paphos, Cyprus. This was Max’s third overseas holiday, having already ticked Florida and Dubai off the list, and judging by his non stop laughter I’d say he had just as good a time as we did.

I took over 200 photo’s and am slowly sifting my way through them. I used to just keep my photo’s in albums on my computer, rarely ever printing any off, and this seemed like such a waste. I’ve made a conscious effort recently to change this and have started getting all my cheap photo prints from Truprint, now my house is steadily filling up with photos that were once only visible online.

Here’s a few standout favourites from our time in Cyprus, the photos that will always put a smile on my face and remind me of yet another amazing family holiday.

I’m not overly comfortable in front of the camera but I really wanted to get a picture of me wearing this cool ‘mum bathing’ top. I tried to pull a few ‘natural’ poses but I just ended up looking like a wally, as Adam kindly pointed out, which resulted in a fit of giggles from me. This is the end photo – an actual natural shot which I love.

Me with the three most important ladies in my life, my mum, sister and niece. My sister flew out to Cyprus with her kids and surprised us for the last few days of our holiday. We had no idea they were coming and it really was lovely to spend the end of the holiday with them.

Trying to get a nice family photo can be tricky these days now Max is so inquisitive. Here he is interrupting the moment by trying to get his hands on my sunglasses!

When I saw this swan float I just had to get it for Max. Teamed with his funky monochrome hat to keep the sun off his face it’s safe to say he was the coolest kid in the pool.

Not one to miss out on the inflatable fun here’s me relaxing in a giant flamingo! It was a bargain from Primark that I picked up last minute and came in handy when I wanted to float away and get a few minutes peace.

I adore this photo, it just exudes peace and tranquility. Max sat staring out into the ocean for ages, just calmly watching the waves. I’d love to know what was going through his mind here.

Max showing the swan some love!

This photo is priceless! Max’s new ‘thing’ is to grab hold of Adam’s ears whilst biting his nose! He has 15 teeth now, almost a full set, and I’m guessing from the look on Adam’s face that those teeth are pretty sharp!

The two loves of my life wearing their matching pineapple shorts! I couldn’t resist these when I saw them in Next as I’m obsessed with a bit of twinning!

I can be a bit picky with my photo’s, wanting everything to be dead centre and just right. This one would normally play on my OCD tendencies but sometimes the imperfect photo’s turn out just perfect!

I can count on one hand how many nice photo’s of the three of us we have. Someone normally has their eyes shut, or Max is pulling my hair. We’re all looking straight at the camera here and smiling, just before dinner at the harbour, and I absolutely love it!

I love an action shot, but I find them pretty hard to capture. I struck gold with this one though, look at the happiness on Max’s face as he’s mid air!

The kids pool at the hotel was amazing and full of water slides. Max had a blast going down them all – he’s a real water baby.


I got a new camera especially for Cyprus, but still don’t have a clue how to use it! I tend to grab my iPhone to take quick snaps but I really want to up my photography game so I need to get into the habit of reaching for the camera now instead. Here’s me practicing with it on the beach.


Lastly, here’s my tipple of the holiday, a good old fashioned Piña Colada – so retro!