There are various ways people go about creating more space, such as converting their loft space into an extra bedroom or extending their kitchen out into the garden. We’re currently considering adding an en-suite to our bedroom as our family bathroom is on the small side.

This is a great way to give you a little more storage space in your home, as it adds on another room that you can add cupboards and drawers to. Not only that, it will help cut down on the queue for the bathroom each morning! Your kids can use the main family bathroom while you and your partner enjoy your very own en-suite – everyone’s a winner!

So, once you’ve decided on adding an en-suite to your master bedroom, be sure to read the following tips and tricks to help you create a very stylish and practical new bathroom!


Work out your budget before you begin

Before you begin you need to take the time to figure out your budget. Once you know how much you can afford to spend on the project, you will be able to consider the types of materials and tools that you can afford. You might also see that you can afford to hire out handymen to do all the hard work for you. If your budget looks a bit tight, you might just have to hire out a handyman to do the most complicated of job, leaving you to complete the easier tasks. 

Consider the room’s function

When you design your en-suite you need to consider its function. Sure, it is going to be a bathroom so will need to include the obvious such as a toilet, shower, and sink. However, if you are also creating the en-suite for storage purposes, you need to figure out where all your cupboards are going to go. If the en-suite itself is limited in space, you might want to add lots of shelves and wall-mounted cupboards to save space on the floor. If you are clear on the en-suite’s functions from the beginning of your project, you will easily create a room that does everything you need it to.


Keep things compact

Keeping things compact will help you utilise the new space a lot better. Thankfully, there are now lots of stylish toilets and sinks that are compact and small enough for an en-suite and still retain a lot of style. When you are looking on for taps, it’s a good idea to choose ones that are fairly small so that they don’t look too big for the en-suite. When it comes to a shower, there are lots of reasonably sized ones that will easily slot into a corner and won’t take up too much space at all!

Go for light colours

There is a good chance that your en-suite won’t have any windows. As a result, you might find that it is quite a dark room. All that darkness will make it feel a lot smaller than what it actually is! Endeavour to use light tiles and shades of paint, ideally, whites and creams work best, but pale pastel colours will also look great. The room will also benefit from some mirrors on the walls. These will help open the room up and create an illusion of space. Never hung a mirror before? Here’s how:

Now that you have all of these tips, you will be able to create a stylish and functional en-suite. And you will also be able to create a lot more space in your home!