To my husband,

For so many years my world used to revolve around you, and you alone. However life is different these days and you may have noticed that you’re no longer the only man I love. You see, there’s a new little man that’s captured my heart. His name is Max, and he’s our baby boy. I’m no longer just your wife, I’m a mum now too. For years it was just the two of us but now you have to share me.

I’m a different person to the carefree girl you met. My eye bags are bigger and my dark hair is laden with grey’s. My patience is thinner and I nag way too much, failing to let the little things go.

Our evenings have become like Groundhog Day and consist of us sat on the sofa in silence, staring at the baby monitor willing Max to sleep, another bedtime defeating us. The chatterbox in me has gone, instead I want to watch trash TV and drag my tired ass off to bed at 8pm.

Friday night drinks have been replaced with sterilising baby bottles. Saturday nights dining out have been replaced with takeaway’s in our PJ’s. Sunday morning lay-in’s have been replaced with early morning nappy explosions.

The days where I would hear you come home from work and run to the door to kiss you are gone. I still run, even sprint, to the door as soon as I hear the key turn, but now it’s to launch a spaghetti drenched baby at you so I can speed clean the mountain of nappies that have accumulated throughout the day and go for a wee in peace – what a luxury!

Most days we don’t know if we’re coming or going. We’ve become a champion tag team, taking it in turns to console a teething baby, pick up half eaten soggy crumpets off the floor and put on the umpteenth wash of the day. You probably wonder where the girl you fell in love with has wandered off to? I can assure you, I’m still here, I’m just hiding under a few more wrinkles and wobbly bits.

When it comes to our family you’d place yourself firmly at the bottom of the pile, you’re incredibly selfless like that, putting everyone else’s needs before your own.  But the bottom is the most crucial role, especially in our family, as without it everything at the top would simply fall through.

We don’t tell you enough how awesome we think you are, you really deserve a medal for putting up with us most days. Don’t ever change….we love you just the way you are!

So here’s to you, my husband, the best bottom we could ask for!