I’ll be honest, World Gratitude Day isn’t something I’d heard of until recently, and it isn’t something I’ve ever celebrated. However, I love the idea of having a special day where we show our appreciation to the people around us and thank them for all the things they do for us, no matter how big or small.

When the guys at Biscuiteers got in touch and gave me the opportunity to say thank you to someone special I was mega excited. They gifted me a gorgeous tin of biscuits, The Party Sharing Selection, and told me to give them to someone I’m grateful to on the 21st September 2017, the official World gratitude Day. The hard part was picking who to dedicate this special day to. After much deliberation I decided my sister, Laura, was the ideal person.

So, why have I picked my sister? What makes her deserve this treat above everyone else? Well, where do I begin…….

With just under three years separating us in age, Laura’s not only my sister, but she’s my best friend. Growing up we were never far from each others sides. Anywhere she went, I followed (much to her annoyance I’m sure). We dressed the same, had the same hobbies and shared the same friends, I was literally her mini me. It wasn’t all roses though and we did tend to fight like cat and dog, with each one of us trying our hardest to get the other in trouble. It never lasted long though and we were soon back to riding our bikes around the street together, best friends again. Everytime I fell off and bumped my knee, Laura was the one who was there to pick me up and encourage me to keep going.

That’s something that’s continued into later life too. Throughout every miscarriage we endured, and the gruelling IVF process, she was there for us. Offering words of comfort, a shoulder to cry on, lifts to and from hospital appointments, there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for us. She’s not only an amazing sister, but she’s a pretty awesome aunt too. She dotes on Max and spoils him rotten and there’s nothing she loves more than making him giggle. She also helps me with childcare throughout the week whilst I’m at work. She does all of this whilst juggling her own wedding cake business and two children of her own.

Biscuiteers motto is ‘Why say it with flowers when you can say it with biscuits’ – and I totally agree. The Party Sharing collection comes with 31 individual bite size biscuits and is presented in a lovely bright tin and is delivered direct to your door. The quirky tin is perfect for storing keepsakes in once the biscuits have been demolished. Each biscuit is hand iced by a dedicated team based in London, literally everyone is lovingly handmade the old fashioned way.

The biscuits are almost too pretty to eat……just almost! My sister was delighted with them when she saw them and didn’t hesitate to try them out with her morning cuppa. It’s not often she gets spoiled by others, she’s usually the generous one, so it was lovely that the tables were turned this morning.

So here’s to my sister on World Gratitude Day, the most selfless person I know, and someone who I wouldn’t change for the world!


*I was gifted this tin of biscuits for the purpose of this post but all opinions and words are my own