Most parents have a favourite time of day, be it the first hour of the morning when your little one is well rested and full of beans, or maybe it’s those afternoon snuggles you get whilst you sit down and watch a film together. For us though, our favourite time of the day is most definitely bedtime. Not just because we know we’re about to get a few hours peace once Max goes to sleep, but because it’s the one hour of the day where we spend time together as a family.

Since Max was just six weeks old we’ve had a bedtime routine, one that we’ve stuck to religiously, and one that works well for us. I’m lucky that my husband works from home, which means not only is he always around to lend a helping hand at bedtime, but also means he doesn’t miss out on all the fun.

I’m always intrigued to hear how other people tackle bedtime, to see how similar, or not, it is to how we do things. So for that reason I’m giving you a little look into our bedtime routine………


Max’s favourite part of the day, bathtime! He’s in his element when he’s in the water, playing with his bath toys and splashing about. Just recently his independent side has really started to come out and he now likes to wash his own hair, although he’s still pretty baffled when he gets the shampoo on his hands. Max tends to spend around 30 minutes in the bath, we just top the warm water up occasionally so he doesn’t get chilly. He’d spend hours in there if he could, it really is his happy place.


Once Max is out of the bath we quickly get him dried off and wrap him up in his bunny dressing gown so he doesn’t get cold. ¬†At this point Adam and Max play with a few toys whilst I frantically run around the house clearing up the trail of devastation that Max has left behind him during the day. It’s then time to pop his Pyjamas on. We’ve only recently stopped putting him in baby grows at night and made the switch to Pyjamas, something that’s bittersweet. He looks like such a handsome little boy and so grown up in them, but it’s just another sign that he’s not my tiny baby anymore.

bedtime routine


Max has a book collection that could rival any library and he loves a bedtime story. We let him pick out which book he’d like us to read to him each night and take it in turns to sit in the nursery, cuddle him close, and turn the pages together. I’m sure he doesn’t have a clue what we’re talking about, but I’m pretty confident that he loves looking at all the pictures.


The lights go out at this point and it’s milk time. Max still has one bottle of milk a day, which he has just before he goes to sleep. He dropped all of his other milk feeds relatively quickly once we started weaning him but I can’t see him giving this one up anytime soon. He loves it too much! 15 minutes later he’s in his cot and (usually) fast asleep within a matter of minutes.

So there you have it, a little look at our bedtime routine. Is this similar to yours or does it differ in any way?


*in collaboration with JoJo Maman Bebe who gifted me items for the purpose of this post, but all words and photos are my own