I realise I’ve been a little quiet on here recently. Life seems so busy, and I’ve neglected this little online space of mine. Towards the end of 2017 I started to feel a bit lost with my blog and it took a back seat. For 2018 though I want to get back into writing on here regularly, whether that be family updates, travel highlights, fashion posts, brand collaborations or just general chit chat.

So with that said I thought I’d give you all a little life update and let you know what we’ve been getting up to.

Firstly, lets start with the person who inspired this blog, Max. He’s now 19 months old and is the biggest character you’re likely to meet. In recent weeks he seems to have hit the terrible two’s, a few months early may I add, and is definitely learning how to push boundaries. He’s a little boy, with a big attitude, but an even bigger heart! He’s entered the cuddly stage and dishes out kisses like they’re going out of fashion.

He started nursery back in November, just going for five hours on a Friday morning to start with. Drop off’s are still hard, with him clinging onto us, not wanting us to leave him. It’s heartbreaking to walk out with him crying but we know within a few minutes he’s stopped and when we go to pick him up he’s always laughing and playing so nicely. As much as I miss him I must admit, those few hours to myself each week are lovely.

Max’s speech is coming on well and he’s got a fair few words in his vocabulary now. He loves to dance, is obsessed with Peppa Pig and is never happier than when he’s eating, as you can tell from the photos below!

My newborn photography business if going from strength to strength and is another reason why I haven’t posted on here for a while. I’m averaging 1-2 newborn shoots a week at the moment, with lots of enquiries coming in too. It’s been a dream of mine for so many years and I’m actually so proud of myself for pushing to achieve that dream. I get to spend my days photographing these tiny little babies, and giving the parents photographs that they’ll cherish for years to come, it really doesn’t get more special than that. I’m hoping that my bookings continue to build up, with my ultimate dream to be to give up my day job by the end of 2018.

In other news, and probably the most exciting thing to happen to us so far this year………….we’ve sold our house!!!!! We’ve wanted to move for a while now, but just hadn’t found the right house, in the right location. That all changed when we found a new build house that was not only in the area we wanted to be in, but was within our budget too! I don’t want to jinx things by getting too excited, as we all know anything can happen in the housing game, but all being well, we will be in our sparkly new home sometime in April. So watch this space for all things interior related and a mountain of house related blog posts………!