London ranks among the most visited cities in the world. It’s history, royalty, and old world charm, make it irresistible to tourists. The iconic landmarks of London draw millions of visitors every year to its fold. It’s not just adults who will enjoy all that the city has to offer, but children too. There’s plenty of experiences which provide fun, entertainment and learning to the kids and leave them with lovely memories that will remain with them for a lifetime. So London is naturally a much sought after destination by families looking to spend quality time together during their holidays. With the fast development of the aviation industry across the world and the emergence of economy carriers London is becoming more and more accessible to people across the world. One can quite easily book Mumbai to London Flight tickets at low cost or fly in from other corners of the world to spend time in one of the most famous cities of the world, London.

Here is my list of some of the things to do in London with kids:

Be Awed by the Wax Figures at Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds, the museum which was established by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud, is a delight for kids. Though the museum now has centres across some major cities of the world, the charm of the original still holds sway. Charlie Chaplin, Superman, Sylvester Stallone, the Incredible Hulk, they are all there immortalized in wax, as well as many of the well known celebrities of the world. Remember to pack your camera as there are plenty of photo opportunities here.

View the opening of the Tower Bridge from the banks of the Thames

One of the most iconic and exciting sights is that of the Tower Bridge opening to let a ship pass through. This is a sight which kids are sure to love and treasure in their memories. It is interesting to note that on an average the bridge nowadays opens twice a day to let ships pass through. If a ship needs to pass through the tower bridge it needs to book its passage at the least twenty four hours in advance.

Be intrigued by the wonders of Nature at the Natural History Museum

A sprawling museum with over 80 million items of specimens of natural history. Some of the popular exhibits include an active volcano model and an earthquake machine. The exhibits are divided into various zones, where you can see reptiles, birds and dinosaurs amongst other things.  A visit to the Natural History Museum is not only fun but also a complete learning experience for kids.

Watch the Spectacular Changing of Guard Ceremony at Buckingham Palace

The colourful ceremonial Changing of the Guard is a ceremony which signifies handing over of the responsibility of protecting Buckingham Palace and St. James’s palace by the old guard to the new guard. Immaculate uniforms combine with smart and precise movements to present a spectacular sight. The accompanying music adds to the atmosphere, making the ceremony a must watch for visitors to London.

Splash in the cool waters of 1008 fountains at Granary Square

Nothing attracts kids more than the lure of water, especially if you’ve chosen to visit on a warm sunny day. Kids can frolic to their heart’s content at the Granary Square, a public place where 1008 choreographed fountains erupt in cool splendour. A nice place where the kids can literally have a ‘cool’ experience.

Enjoy London from the iconic London Bus

The red double decker buses that criss-cross London are one of the most iconic sights of London. Many of these red buses serve as hop-on-hop-off buses, meaning you can view the sights of London whilst travelling in style. It’s a great way to take the weight off your feet for a while, all whilst learning a thing or two about London’s history as you go.

Be Mystified at the Sherlock Holmes Museum

“It is elementary my dear Watson!” – these immortal words are sure to ring in your ears as you walk through the portals of the Sherlock Holmes Museum, uncannily located at 221B Baker street. The museum will fuel your imagination about the various mysteries that Sherlock Holmes solved along with his partner Dr. Watson. The kids are sure to feel awed and intrigued by the visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

London, a city that retains its old world charm to this day is a treasure house of sights and experiences, and it’s no wonder it’s one of the most visited cities in the world. It’s a complete family destination with something for the entire family and kids are bound to enjoy with the vast array of experiences that London lines up for them.