A growing family is a magical thing, but it can certainly impinge on space in the home – who knew how much stuff all these tiny humans of ours actually needed?! Lack of space is a common problem for many parents, particularly when you have one child already, but fear not, as you don’t have to move to a bigger property to find more space. Here are a few top tips for increasing space in the home with a growing family.


This may be obvious, but decluttering goes a huge way in opening up space in the home. Go through each room in the house and carefully consider what items you need and what you can get rid of – you will be surprised at how much you no longer use or need. Additionally, look to replace certain items with smaller replacements or ones that are more practical – a bedside table with a drawer, for example.

Vertical Storage

We often worry about how much space we have horizontally in a room, but there is plenty of space vertically for storage. Use storage solutions all the way up to the ceiling – just be sure to be careful when getting anything down! A pegboard is a superb solution that is cheap, easy and can be used to store/display all kinds of items.

Ottoman Furniture

Whoever invented ottoman furniture deserves a pat on the back as this clever style of furniture is perfect for families struggling for storage space. Ottoman chairs, couches and even beds double up as storage space as the seat is hinged to form a lid so that items can be stored within, hiding them neatly away.

Breakfast Bar & Stools

Although it is nice to have a big dinner table, it can take up an enormous amount of space in the home. Instead, opt for a much more compact breakfast bar and buy a few stools to place around instead of large, heavy dining chairs. You can find space-saving stools like these from places like Cox and Cox.

Unused Space

Every home has nooks and crannies that are not used effectively. Carefully think about areas in your home which could be used as a storage space – underneath the stairs, under beds and hallways are all spaces which are often overlooked but could increase space in other areas drastically.

Having a growing family is incredibly exciting, but it can be stressful if you don’t have a huge amount of space in your home. Fortunately, the above can help to free up lots of space so that you can all live happily and comfortably.