You may remember a few weeks back that I mentioned that I’ve been feeling a bit down recently. Like I said at the time, there’s not one specific reason for this, just a build up of lots of little things over the last few months. With this in mind I’ve decided to have a bit of a lifestyle overhaul, in the bid to pick myself up and get back to the way I used to be. So how am I going to do that? Read on to find out my 5 tips to a happier and healthier life………

Quit smoking

I’ve been a smoker for 18 years now (shame on me), and it’s time to kick the habit! This is definitely easier said than done though, so I’ve been considering the best way for me to cut out the nicotine. I’m not someone who can go cold turkey, and I’ve tried patches and gum before which haven’t worked for me. This time around I’ve decided to try vaping. Companies like Grey Haze offer everything you’ll need to start Vaping so it’s time to buy my starter kit and finally quit smoking for good.

Practice mindfullness

My mental well-being is something I consider just as important as my physical well-being, however it’s something I’ve always neglected. I find myself getting more and more anxious as I get older – I lay awake for hours at night with my mind going into overdrive, analysing the days events and worrying about the smallest of things. My husband has practised mindfulness for around a year now and it’s done wonders for him. He does it for just 15 minutes a night before bedtime and by the time he’s finished he’s so relaxed that he’s asleep within minutes. I’m hoping to get into the same nightly routine as him and get my mind back to being a happy and calm place.

Get outside 

With the good weather finally here (and hopefully set to stay for a few months) there’s no better time to get outdoors than now! Max loves nothing more than letting off steam at the park, or feeding the ducks at our local river, he really is happiest when he’s out exploring and we have so many beautiful woods and parks by us. With no summer holiday planned this year we’ll be getting outdoors as much as possible to enjoy the nice weather, have a picnic or two and enjoy some quality family time together.

Cut out the sugar

The weight has crept on over the winter and my clothes are a now far too tight for my liking. My diet isn’t too bad, I eat relatively healthy, although I do indulge in the odd weekend take-away. However sugar is my weakness and I consume far too much, especially sugary drinks. I’m going to be making a conscious effort to cut down any unnecessary sugar fixes throughout the day and turn to water as much as possible.

Treat myself

Lastly I’ve decided it’s time to give myself a bit of TLC. I used to love nothing more than treating myself to a day of pampering, facials, nails, blowers….the works! These days I’m lucky if I get a 2 minute shower in peace without a toddler banging the door down. It’s time to take some back some control and treat myself. My skin is ageing and my hair greying so I’ve booked an appointment at my local hair salon and indulged in some luxury facial lotions and potions and I’m determined to set aside just 30 minutes every week to slap on a face mask and have some ‘me time’!

I know everyone will have slightly different goals and priorities in life but these are my tips for achieving a happier and healthier life.

And if you’re currently on your own path to happiness then I wish you good luck on your journey!