A few weeks ago Max received a very special delivery – his ‘Royal Invitation’ to a Grand Preview event being held at none other than Peppa Pig World. Now considering he is Peppa Pig’s number one fan it’s safe to say this was a VERY big deal for him!

The reason we received this special invitation is because Peppa Pig World, situated in Paulton’s Park theme park, has recently expanded, with two new rides set to open on 16th May 2018; Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club and The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride – and we were invited along as Peppa Pig’s special guests to test them out ahead of the official opening day.

Upon arrival at Paulton’s Park we were handed our ‘special guest’ passes and made our way to the new area of Peppa Pig World to put the new rides through their paces.

Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club is a gentle boat ride which cruises it’s way round the new area, passing by Peppa’s friends standing on top of Pirate Island. In most parts it’s a slow and serene ride, although the boats are surrounded by tyres which bump along and gently spin you around as you go, giving it that fun element. There’s no engines needed on these boats as the current of the lazy river pulls you around the route. It’s suitable for children of all ages making it a great family ride.

Peppa Pig World

The second ride is The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride – another gentle ride, suitable for all ages. Each ‘coach’ can seat up to six people and will take you on a monorail ride around the newly expanded area. It’s an ideal ride to start with as once you set off from the Queen’s castle you’ll be able to soak in the view across the whole of Peppa Pig World, eyeing up which rides you want to head to next. Peppa and the Queen even give you a running commentary and along the way you’ll spot Peppa, George and the Queen all dressed in their finest royal attire.

Peppa Pig World

After going on both new rides a handful of times each (the bonus of there being no queues) we got to meet Peppa herself, who made a special guest appearance. I’d love to say that Max enjoyed this part, but I think he was both starstruck and petrified in equal measures at meeting a life-size version of his hero and he spent the entire meet and greet with his head buried in my chest! After that there was just enough time to enjoy some complimentary Peppa and friends cupcakes before heading off to explore the rest of the park.

Overall we loved Peppa Pig World, especially the new area which was by far my favourite! It’s such a magical place to take your little Peppa Pig fan and there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy, however big or small you are.

We got free entry to Paulton’s Park and Peppa Pig World on the day of the Grand Preview event for the purposes of this post, however pictures and opinions are my own.