To some, a charm bracelet may feel like a dated item to be stashed away in your old jewellery box, but the truth is, they are a classic and timeless accessory. Charm bracelets tell a story, growing larger with each accomplishment and milestone. Today, designers are creating new styles, that have the same vintage feel and sense of nostalgia but with a modern twist. These days most high street jewellers stock charm bracelets, as well as online stores like Kigu of London, making it easier than ever to browse for, and purchase, your next charm.

My charm bracelet rarely ever leaves my wrist. It’s an all round piece of jewellery and can be worn both day and night, for a casual lunch or a posh dinner date. Every charm I own tells a story –  the handbag charm to show my love for shopping, the ring charm which my husband gave me when we got engaged, the camera charm to reflect my passion for photography and the baby carriage charm gifted to me when Max was born.

So now you know a bit about my charm bracelet I thought I’d share the meaning behind some of the more commonly worn charms.

Heart charm

One of the most popular charm symbols, the heart is the symbol for love, affection and passion. It’s also said to represent life, power, guidance and truth. This charm would make the perfect gift to show someone how much you love them.

Clover charm

Often known to bring you luck, each leaf of the clover represents health, wealth, love and respect.

Butterfly charm

The butterfly is a symbol of change, joy and colour. This is said to be the perfect charm for anyone who is contemplating, or going through, change.

Locket charm

The locket charm is often considered as the most personal of all charms. Often containing a photo of a loved one or a locket of hair, and commonly passed down through the generations, the meaning behind this charm is more than money can buy.

Star charm

One of the most popular charm, the star symbolises courage and reminds us to ‘reach for the stars’ and achieve our dreams.

Feather charm

One of my favourite charms, the feather. This charm represents freedom, truth and protection. In religions such as Christianity feathers are also associated with the presence of angels, and represent prayer and faith.

My charm bracelet makes me smile every time I look at it. The charms remind me of my past milestones and gives me motivation for my future goals. Do you wear charm jewellery? If so, I’d love to know what your charms mean to you.