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Health October 25, 2016

Tommy’s #MovementsMatter Campaign

When I heard about the latest campaign from Tommy’s, #MovementsMatter, I knew I wanted to try and give a little back to this wonderful charity who have helped me over the years and work with them to raise awareness of the important message they are looking to spread..

Health October 19, 2016

Breast Feeding vs Formula Feeding

I knew before I was even pregnant that I wasn’t going to breastfeed. There were many factors that led me to make that decision, mostly personal. But what shocked me was the amount of people who took an interest into how I was planning to feed my baby. Not just health visitors and medical staff, but friends, family, and even strangers.

Health July 17, 2016

Finally, we have a solution for Reflux

Max was having terrible problems when it came to feeding time. He would be sick at least 3 times during every feed – and I’m talking spectacular across the room projectile vomiting. The poor boy had to have a bib round his neck 24/7 and Mummy was having to wash more clothes than you could imagine. He was in terrible pain with all the trapped wind that reflux brings – it was heart-breaking hearing him scream and be so unsettled.