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Lifestyle March 26, 2017

Returning to work after maternity leave

It seems like only yesterday I walked out of the office and started my maternity leave, full of excitement for the next chapter I had ahead of me. That was 13 months ago, a long time when you say it out loud. Yet here I am, sat here with my work bag packed, my lunch made, my clothes freshly ironed, ready for my first day back in work tomorrow.

Lifestyle March 26, 2017

What Mothers Day means To Me

As a little girl Mothers Day was a day I looked forward to. It was a chance to show my mum just how much she meant to me, and I loved nothing more than making her a homemade card, covered in hearts and glitter, and bringing her burnt toast and cold tea in bed.

Lifestyle March 22, 2017

How long is your daily commute?

For seven years I worked in London, commuting from my home in Essex everyday. On a good day my commute totalled three hours and consisted of a bus, train and tube. Over the seven years that works out to an impressive 4,830 hours, or depending on which way you look at it a staggering 201 days spent on public transport commuting to work!

Lifestyle March 17, 2017

Our family home is complete

Back in January I wrote about how we were in the middle of expanding our family home. We’d ordered a conservatory from TC2U who specialise in DIY conservatories and work was in full swing. Well I’m pleased to say that all the work has been completed now and I’m so pleased with the finished look.

Lifestyle March 15, 2017

My 2017 Luxury Wishlist

I’ve always had a (not so secret) love for designer goods and my luxury wish list keeps growing. As soon as I have bagged myself an item from the list I seem to find two more to add to it, it’s never ending! This year though I’ve scaled it back slightly and am concentrating on bagging myself these which are the top five items on my 2017 luxury wishlist

Lifestyle February 20, 2017

Taking the Stress Out of Moving House

Moving house can be an exciting time. You might be relocating to a new neighborhood or city. Maybe you’re moving out on your own for the first time or you’re moving in with your significant other. But even with the exciting anticipation of new experiences ahead, the actual process of getting all of your things from A to B is stressful.

Lifestyle, Reviews February 15, 2017

Monochrome Nursery Storage Set

I’m sure most parent’s would agree that when it comes to nursery storage there’s no such thing as too much. Max’s nursery is full of storage baskets and toy boxes, yet I still found myself running out of room to put things. This monochrome nursery storage set from Minene is the latest addition to our collection, and it’s most definitely my favourite.

Lifestyle February 13, 2017

Quick And Easy Ways To Transform Your Home

I’m someone who is forever on the go when it comes to home decor. As soon as I have decorated one room I’m already looking at the next room I can spruce up. I have endless ideas in my head but not enough time to spend days on end putting them into action.

Lifestyle February 10, 2017

How To Avoid Those Holiday Hazards

This week I’ve teamed up with Jefferies Solicitors to highlight all those holiday hazards that we face when going abroad. We’re off on holiday to Dubai shortly so this is perfect timing, and now we have Max it couldn’t be more important that we plan for every eventuality as you can never be too careful. So what are the main holiday hazards that we should be mindful of?

Lifestyle February 3, 2017

Living Off Grid – What Would I Miss?

The folks over at Flogas recently surveyed a cross-section of UK residents to find out their views on escaping to the country in the hopes of identifying what they would miss if they adopted a rural lifestyle and started living off grid. 85% of those surveyed liked the idea of ‘escaping it all’, and not surprisingly half said that they would miss their smartphones within a week