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Lifestyle February 18, 2018

Mothers Day Gift Inspiration

With Mother’s Day fast approaching it’s time to show some love to all the amazing mums out there. Even though it’s more of a ‘novelty’ day, it is still a great excuse to show your matriarch how much you appreciate the years of care, wisdom and expenditure she gave you. My mum carried me for 9 months, throughout a blistering summer, endured a 32 hour labour, put up with my teenage tantrums and gave me countless ‘pre-payday’ loans – the least she deserves is a little gift and a cheesy card.

Lifestyle January 29, 2018

A little life update

I realise I’ve been a little quiet on here recently. Life seems so busy, and I’ve neglected this little online space of mine. Towards the end of 2017 I started to feel a bit lost with my blog and it took a back seat. For 2018 though I want to get back into writing on here regularly, whether that be family updates, travel highlights, fashion posts, brand collaborations or just general chit chat.

Lifestyle January 9, 2018

My 2018 goals

I’m not one for fancy resolutions each year because lets be honest, I almost certainly don’t stick to them. This year I’ve decided to set myself some little goals, more personal ones, and I’m hoping the fact that they are personal to me will help keep me more motivated.

Lifestyle December 14, 2017

Christmas decorations – My 2017 top picks

When it’s time to deck your house for Christmas, it’s okay to want to be the most festive house on the street or stay subtle with just a bit of cheer here and there. But whatever approach you choose, you want to make sure you pick beautiful Christmas decorations that will last for years to come.

Lifestyle November 22, 2017

The best UK Christmas Markets

Christmas is inching closer by the day and it won’t be long until you’re popping up the Christmas tree and cleaning up the mess made by your devilish elf-on-the-shelf. But Christmas hasn’t fully begun until you attend some Christmas markets, although sometimes it can be a struggle to find the best ones.

Lifestyle October 24, 2017

Kicking the habit this Stoptober

One person who has decided to quit is my husband, Adam. Like me he’s smoked on average 10 cigarettes a day since his teens. He’s also tried, and failed, to quit a few times before. However after recently being diagnosed with MS he decided that now is most definitely the right time to kick the habit once and for all. He knew he couldn’t do it without support though and his decision to quit coincided perfectly with Stoptober.

Lifestyle October 12, 2017

Grey and copper home accessories inspiration

My whole house is painted in various shades of grey, with each room featuring different coloured accessories. The bathroom has aqua accessories, our bedroom pastel yellow and the hallway a lovely navy shade. When we had our conservatory and kitchen painted grey a few months ago I was keen to keep up with the latest trend and opted for grey and copper accessories.

Lifestyle October 2, 2017

Christmas Gift Ideas For A Two Year Old

I know, I know, it’s only September and I’m already talking about the ‘C’ word! You may think I’m mad but I’m determined to be organised this year. I always leave it to the last minute to get my Christmas presents sorted, meaning I’m always battling the crowds of equally disorganised people, and that’s no good for my stress levels.

Lifestyle September 28, 2017

Paradise Wildlife Park – Review

Paradise Wildlife Park features many favourite animals from meerkats to big cats and a few friends from down under. You’ll also find zebras, wolves, penguins and much more. There are viewing rooms and raised walkways around the big cat enclosures offering a range of viewing positions, and we managed to get the perfect spot to watch the cheetah feeding display.