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Miscarriages & IVF

Miscarriages & IVF February 8, 2017

Breaking the Silence on Miscarriages

Miscarriage – a situation of pure heartbreak. Pregnant with a much-wanted baby, weeks spent hiding the constant nausea, growing breasts and overwhelming tiredness. Then in one devastating moment, more often than not for no apparent reason, the pregnancy suddenly ends.

Miscarriages & IVF December 18, 2016

Exploring IVF Using Donor Eggs

If you are struggling to get pregnant, having tried a number of fertility options without success, then it may be time to explore a new path and looking into IVF using a frozen egg donor. Using eggs from a young, healthy and fertile woman can increase your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

Miscarriages & IVF December 13, 2016

The Meaning of a Rainbow Baby

Many people may not know what the phrase ‘rainbow baby’ means. I know I certainly didn’t a few years ago. But now we have our very own rainbow baby boy, Max. In simple terms, a rainbow baby is a baby that’s born after a miscarriage, still birth or infant loss. It’s the joy after the heartbreak. The brightness after the darkness.

Miscarriages & IVF October 25, 2016

Tommy’s #MovementsMatter Campaign

When I heard about the latest campaign from Tommy’s, #MovementsMatter, I knew I wanted to try and give a little back to this wonderful charity who have helped me over the years and work with them to raise awareness of the important message they are looking to spread..

Miscarriages & IVF September 13, 2016

IVF – The Facts

A year ago today something magical happened in our lives. Two tiny, amazing little embryos were transferred into me. Little did we know that 9 months later, One of those embryos would turn into a tiny, amazing little boy we named Max.